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The Freaky Badge Frenzy!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:28 pm

Whether it be VIP, shops or casinos, everybody likes to flash their cash around the Hotel. But would you be willing to spend quite so much on something as “trivial” as a badge?

As we all know, Habbo is a very popular website among teenagers. However, almost everybody agrees that Habbo wouldn’t be nearly as interesting without the coins! But what do you like to spend your coins on?

Recently, instead of showing off your coins by making fabulous rooms, people have started collecting rare badges. They are willing to spend literally hundreds of habbo coins on a very special badge to finish off their collection.


                                  But, in the end, is there really that much to spend on badges?
       Yes! Habbo has cleverly designed the ‘Achievement Score System’ to get you into the addictive cycle of buying badges.

                                         Here are just a few of the many badges you must spend coins to get around the hotel:

-Music Collector (Music)
-They’re Eating All My Credits (Pet)
-Can I Keep Him? (Pet)
-Rink Builder (Room)-Room Builder (Room)
-Landscape, Floor, Wall Designer (Room)
-Firestarter (Friend)-Stickie Scribbler (Friend)

And many, many more!

Can I  get a good Achievement Score without using up my coins?

Again, yes! Luckily for you, Habbo has left plenty of ways for you to get an impressive Achievement Score without the need of coins. However, they are very time-consuming and boring. It depends on how badly you would like the badges. Like most other things, if you work hard enough and wait patiently, you will eventually get the Achievement Score and/or badges you wish for!

How do I know what badges I have got?

You can find out exactly how well you are doing by clicking “Achievement” on your “Me Bar”. Click the different sections to see your progress around                                         different parts of the hotel!

I asked some people what they thought about spending money on the badges and here were their replies:

“If they’ve spent £50 in real life on them,then they’re foolish,but it’s their money. I wouldn’t do it myself, but I have nothing against other people doing it.” -CrazyLemurs

“There’s no point in spending real money on something virtual, especially if it’s only something as trivial as a badge. If I was willing to spend that amount of money on something, I would at least make it worthwhile, like a proper room.” -Anon.

“Spending loads to get a badge? Not worthwhile, is it really. Purely just to get the badge up, you could make more use with the coins. Well there’s no right or wrong, if that’s what you want to do so be it.” -Clumping

What are your views on this craze for badges? Is it just a “Freaky Frenzy” or are they with us for good? Do you collect them or just get them as they come?

Post your comments below by clicking ‘Read More & Comment’!

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