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Who saved Santa?

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Who saved Santa?
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Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!
The Great Unmute0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:39 pm

It’s been a week since we first discovered that our Habbo Hotels were muted, although for me it doesn’t seem that long I know some have been eagerly checking the hotel just waiting, hoping that it will be over soon. They don’t have to wait long now before we return to our own, separate ways on Habbo as ‘The Great Unmute‘ begins tomorrow on Wednesday 20th June. The Sulake staff have been working hard to ensure security is the most important aspect of your player’s life and hopefully they will have done everyone proud! We have to wait and see though, not long as I reiterate that The Great Unmute will soon begin.

This is a unique experience as Paul LaFontaine (@PaulLaFo on Twitter) has been informing us throughout the week, pushing forward that this will be big and that Habbo will be as secure as ever. However, we can’t just leave it to him can we? Tomorrow from 14:00pm BST there will be another site that Habbo players may visit it is http://greatunmute.habbo.com/ and consists of a countdown timer informing everyone of when it begins. When it eventually does open you can leave your opinions and thoughts of the whole experience and Habbo in general, Paul has urged the players to leave their feedback and has decided that this is the time where he will eventually listen to Habbo players (even though he should have been doing that a long time ago). 

He published a large blog about The Great Unmute so you can see it’s something he is extremely passionate about; he has also urged that you answer at least one of the questions when the site opens. The questions include:

1. What does your community mean to you?
2. How do you feel about the recent news?
3. How can we improve the site in the future

Although there aren’t many questions and it’s not compulsory to give feedback, I will try my hardest to give Paul my opinions and thoughts regardless of whether I’m available or not, this is the time where we can stand up, be counted…be heard! What are you waiting for? Well I hope you’re waiting for the countdown timer to hit zero to share yours too.

HabboxForum has been in uproar due to this upcoming event, not many are positive about it (including myself), we feel that he should have been listening since the beginning when he first took the role of CEO and not now just because an extremely negative news report showed Habbo for what some parts of the site are. 

Various opinions included:

Kyle: Over 10 years and only now they begin to listen to their users? hmm. Wish he would stop dragging this out, just unmute the site.
Hah: Just unmute us, you’ve done enough damage already.

No contrast between the two opinions and after reading over the thread on the forum I found that the mute may not even be lifted in the coming week, the first part might even be starting next week! What are we going to do when Habbo is a deserted site for nothing anymore? As said above they’ve done too much damage and I doubt they can rectify quickly – the storm hasn’t died down yet, nor has the drive for Paul to drag this out. 

I like how they are attempting to get views of players and such but this shouldn’t have happened, it’s been an ongoing problem and nothing appeared to be resolved until the media were involved, Paul is trying but is he trying enough? He has been keeping us up to date throughout the mute so at least we have commentary on it and an active CEO!

If you have any opinions to say then feel free to post them here. Don’t agree with me? Please also comment and give your insight, I would love to know your views!

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