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The Habbo Council0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:36 pm

With ‘unfair’ bans on the rise, Sulake have gone to extreme measures: introducing a Habbo Council!

Linn, the usual poster on the Habbo blog ‘Behind the Pixels’ has delivered a new article to us regarding what seems to be the HabboCM feature. To combat the amount of “bans that are considered random and unfair“, the Habbo team have decided to introduce a lower level of moderation, a Council, no less. She presented the information as an interview, and here are some of the most important answers:

What is a Habbo Council?
“We realize that we need eyes and ears on the ground, more eyes and ears than we have available to us at the moment. This is where the Habbo Council comes in. It would be a group of Habbos that would help us identify and listen to stories of unfair bans, a temporary pilot project of sorts, because obviously, we’ve never done anything like this before. However, we do think that the more people we can listen to, the more we can help. 
Please note: this will not be instead of the Help Tool or the Moderators, this is an addition to those. To arm us with extra sets of eyes and ears, helping us to pay closer attention!”

Simply, she explains that the Habbo moderation team is understaffed and this system will help to ease that, but that the Habbo Council won’t be as powerful as the current moderators.

How will the Council help and with what tools?
“We have an internal team made up of people from our User Care department, as well as Thibaut, who is in charge of this project, and a few others. Once the Habbo Council is picked, all members will be invited to join a special discussion forum, in which they can easily communicate with us. They will not have any special tools or rights in the Hotel, they will simply be reporting and helping us solve the issue of unjust bans, by bringing cases to our attention and helping you get your stories heard. Council members will receive further instructions and guidelines once invited to this forum.”

Here Linn states the management of the Council and what they’ll be doing to help, and how their actions will impact the Hotel and its users.
Finally, and possibly the most interesting point to you:

Who do you pick and how?
“Picking members for such a council is obviously the tricky part. How do you make it fair, while still picking people that know Habbo very, very well? We started by letting our statistics help us. Based on various criteria ranging from recent activity in the Hotel to Habbo life time, we made our system randomly select 500 Habbos. However, as the saying goes, you can’t have too many chefs in the kitchen, which is why these Habbos have all been invited to send us an application (they received this invite by MiniMail today – please note, if you received it and had issues with your application “bouncing back”, you can resend it as we fixed the error now). Based on these applications, our Habbo Council team will pick the ones they think are best suited for this particular project.”

For some people who thought only elite people were chosen, that’s highly unlikely. as the Habbos were picked randomly. However, if you’re new to Habbo  and don’t spend very much time on it, the odds are less in your favour.

But what do you think? Have you got some friends who have been invited to apply for the Council? Or have you been asked yourself? Or have you got nothing to do with it? Leave your thoughts below!

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