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The Habbox Summer Spectacular Begins!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:20 pm

Four teams, two fun-filled weeks, and over one hundred events planned. It can only be one thing, the Habbox Summer Spectacular!

Here at Habbox we like to make sure every summer goes out with a massive bang, and this year, it looks set to be quite possibly the biggest bang yet. We invite you to join in with the 5th Summer Spectacular, where everything from the prizes to the events have been kicked up a notch. But before I elaborate on the prizes, let me explain how you can become part of the biggest summer event on Habbo!

The Habbox Community is split up into four teams, red, blue, green and black. In order to be in with the chance to win yourself some goodies you have to join a team. Joining a team is really straight forward; all you need is an account on Habboxforum.com and then you can click here to go and pick which team you’d like to be part of. Make sure you choose carefully, as once you’ve chosen your team you can’t switch. After you’ve chosen your team, you’ll be given exclusive access to your team forum, where you can discuss secret plans of action, decide on a team chant and even take part in general discussion with your team mates.

There’s a huge variety of activities to take part in, ranging from normal events, Help Desk quizzes, Habboxlive on air competitions, forum competitions and Habbo quests. You’ll also be able to meet Habbox Staff from all of the different departments, as everyone is getting involved and doing their bit to help out! To have a look at the magnificent Timetable click here, please note that the events are in BST! In order for your team to win, you must have the most points at the end of two weeks. For each Habbo event or quiz you attend, there are a total of 200 points up for grabs; the points increase if you enter a forum competition, with 225 points available and go up even further to a whopping 300 points for a Habbo quest. You can read up on the points, rules, FAQs and post in your team forum by clicking here.

Now onto the bit you’re all eager to know about, prizes! No matter which team you choose, you’ll still have the opportunity to bag yourself some sweet prizes. The top three Habbos from each team will all win a forum award, a gold, silver or bronze trophy, between 1-3 months of forum VIP plus 100 credits for 1st place, 50 credits for 2nd place and 25 credits for 3rd place. Possibly the most exciting prizes are the gold thrones, you’ll get 2 if you come in 1st place and 1 if you come in at 2nd or 3rd. Then as if that wasn’t generous enough, the top 10 Habbos from the team that wins will get 20 credits each! You might want to bookmark the Points Leaderboard page to check you’re still at the top!

The action has already begun, with events running throughout today, tomorrow, the day after that and the day after that. In fact they’ll be running until the 28th August, so you’ve got ages to rack up those points. If you’d like to read the warm welcome about the Summer Spectacular from General Manager, xxMATTGxx himself, click here! Other than that, we hope you join in and have a wonderful 2 weeks of Summer Spectacular, may the best team win!

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