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The History of the Habbo Lido!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:52 pm

The History of the Habbo Lido!

The Lido (also known as: Habbosphere Pool Desk, Lido Pool and Pool) was once a very popular place on the hotel. Some may even say the most popular place. Everything from raids to dates happened at this glorious swimming spot. The Lido was, of course, an official pool themed room. It was made up of essentially two rooms with chairs and tables to relax at and a swimming pool.

The first room acted as the main entrance; in it there were changing rooms, a juice bar, some tables and chairs taking on a realistic view. Oh and let’s not forget that amazing duck statue! When a player first entered the Lido they would have been clothed in a swimsuit (men wearing swimming trunks and women bikinis) which matched what they regularly wore. However, in earlier versions of Habbo, players would enter in their regular attire and had the choice of changing into a swimsuit of their choice of colour. A swimsuit was always required to enter the pool!

The second area was available to the side of the first, either through the pool or on the ground. This area had some benches, a pool, an elevator with a queue, and a giant monitor screen. The pool in this area was sectioned off into separate parts one for swimming normally and the other for the divers.

The elevator and the monitor were for the divers and spectators. The divers would have to buy tickets with their Credits. It was a mini game in the room; the divers could do various tricks to try and impress the crowd and they would usually hold up signs on what they thought of the dive. The whole time diving their character was displayed on the giant monitor. In May 2009 the diving board was made free to use for anyone which made the Lido an even more popular place.

In 2011 the entire room was removed. This caused an uproar among players! In 2012 the team decided to bring back the Lido due to popular demand, but there were a few changes, the changing rooms were taken out along with the beloved diving board.

Along with all of the controversy over the diving board and changing rooms there was something else always stirring in the midst of it all. The Anonymous was an internet troll group that would not only block entrances into the Lido and other public rooms, but also would make rude comments and racial slurs this group terrorized the hotel and the Lido for many years.

So now that the Lido is gone. Do you wish it was back? Let me know in the comments by clicking “Read More and Comment” below!

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