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The Hoarse Winners0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:26 pm

The winners of the Hoarse Whisperer have been announced!

Habbo needed some more phrases for the new horses to say and released a competition for some of you to get involved with!

The horses around the Hotel recently have been rather quiet, and when they did seem to speak, it was only the same few phrases over and over! Luckily, Billy McCoy, the only horse whisperer Habbo could find the best horse whisperer around, agreed to come along and help teach the horses a few more phrases!

The competition opened on October 13th and was to close a day later, October 14th, so you didn’t have long! Here are just a few of the thirty fabulous phrases:

Talk to the hoof!
Hey, manure happens.
People come and go, but horses leave hoof prints on your heart. And kidneys.
I’m happier than a turkey after Thanksgiving.
I’m a horse not a camel, give me some water please.

Well done to all the winners of the competition! And to those who didn’t win, Habbo will be releasing many more competitions to come!

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