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The 'Horse video' winners are announced!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:26 pm

Has your horse galloped to victory?! 

You’ve probably gathered that the staff absolutely love video competitions, mainly because of the excitement they receive from watching all of your videos and users probably enjoy the video competitions as well because it gives you a chance to let your creativity flow. Anyway, last week the staff decided to release a brand new video competition which gave you the opportunity to show off everything magnificent about your horses or you could simply create a hilarious video about your horses!

Well… the winners have been announced! We know… it’s too exciting, so let’s reveal the winners straight away. Here they are…

– Baurus, Shaleeka and Revolver with this video:
– AKAMONICA, daniel84367 and -LIAMxx  with this video:
–  lilmizzmoonlight, cally592 and dubblemuncher! with this video:

–  Plutonioo, .ShyRa. and karlos01..  with this video:
– Rhyan!, Sarcasticly and Yhpos with this video:
– Brittaneh with this video:

– PurpleDonut, OhMyItzAsh and Spirally with this video:
– Jaycob, Glamaruz and Disentangled with this video:
– seelneb, See and Gina=me with this video:

– Awsomlycute and BamItzChris. with this video:
– ,BRITNEY, CianUK and IrishBoy-Cian with this video:
– Candyblock, ColdCash and Xemnas with this video:

– Musicianly, Sarafyne and AlphaPaw with this video:
– chidiva, Hawaii5.O and ,Red with this video:
* -Reliable,, -Carrie, and Murchielago with this video:

– Ms.Oneal, LPriceless and Wobbuffett  with this video:
– Kromium, Cheek and Slaps with this video:
– Alfresco and SonnyKachu with this video:

– Today, Badge and Ruby with this video:
– MissyKoreenaaa and MissyPaigeee with this video:
– TiR- and macfaydn13 with this video:

– DaintonX, CharlieL0V3 and Killjoy, with this video:
– tomazowii, -LuizSuarez- and deegers with this video:
– Astronomist, Moffins and L23Kingjames with this video:

– Tears bathin and Pistoned with this video: 

As you can see, there were 25 winners in total and all of them received a very special ‘Plutonium Horseshoe’ badge, which can be seen on the right! 

So, congratulations to all the winners of this competition and commiserations to all the unlucky participants – but don’t worry, there will always be more video competitions coming soon!

Also, whilst we have your attention – you could win a horse and some of the new stable furniture! All you have to do is go to, read the instructions and place your vote for Habbox. Once we see your vote, you will be put into a prize draw and could win a horse complete with stable furniture and more!!!

Did you enter this competition? Which of the above videos did you enjoy the most? Do you have any of the horseshoe badges yet? Share your view now by clicking ‘Read More & Comment’!

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