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The Lag Monster0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:38 pm

Everywhere you go on Habbo these days, there’s lag – or people complaining about it.

Bored of it? Want to get rid of it? Look no further! If you read on, you’ll see the most common questions asked about lag, and tips on how to combat yours! Everything you need to know is right here. 

What exactly is lag? Lag is literally a ‘fall behind in movement’ (OED definition), or when something starts to go slow. On Habbo, this could mean furni, rooms or avatars not loading, unresponsive movements or even not being able to pick up furniture. If someone says they’ve ‘lagged out’, that means that the whole room has become completely unresponsive! It’s also an excuse Habbos use when they’ve lost a game of FF and want another go without paying, but that’s more than likely a scam!

What causes lag? Lots of things contribute to lag. Most importantly is your Internet connection – if your Internet is really slow, any Internet pages (especially games) will load much slower. Internet browsers will also run slower if you have a large backlog of downloads, history and cache. An old computer or laptop, which could be clogged up with many unused files will also slow your whole system down, especially if it has overheating problems. The final cause (relating specifically to Habbo) are the people and furni in the room. If there’s a lot of animated items, or people are talking very quickly, your Internet may not be able to receive all the information quick enough.

How can I stop lag? There’s no right way to get rid of lag completely. But you can help reduce it! Start by clearing your computer of any unused files (delete them from the recycling bin too), and if you’re feeling confident, try taking your computer apart to clear the dust from the fan (nb: I wouldn’t suggest this unless you’re confident in your technical ability – you can just blow on the fan instead). Moving it away from a cramped area (therefore cooling it down) will also help. Clearing Internet history, cookies and cache will also help – you can search how to do this for your specific browser.

When you’re on Habbo, the only way to avoid lag is to stay away from crowded rooms, and if it’s your own room, turn off the animations. If it’s still slow, try switching browsers, and if it’s still really slow, you may need to contact your ISP (or ask the person who controls the Internet in your house to do it!)

Got any other tips for combatting lag? Has this article helped? Let me know in the comments below!

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