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The Lost Monkey Has Arrived!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:23 pm

The lost monkey “swung” its way into Habbo this morning, and the apple application is now available for download!

After what seemed like an eternity, the “Lost monkey” application is now available for download! After completing the game, you get a pet monkey on Habbo Hotel. You can see the monkeys in action by clicking here, or by  searching “Kitano”.

There is also a Lost Monkey section in the Habbo catalogue, so you can get into the jungle spirit and celebrate the release of 

the monkey! Simply click “Pets” and then “Lost Monkey”. This furni includes parts of the “tiki” range, as well as palm trees and rocks, allowing you to transform your rooms into the perfect natural habitat for your monkey!

The monkeys can not only walk, but they also jump, run, and they also swim! They are known to say a variety of crazy phrases, a couple in particular “I’ve never felt this happy since I found out Joe Jonas was a guy”, and  “Let’s have a party, invite all your hot friends”, after being scratched.

The application allows you to care for your monkey, and you pass all the levels by feeding and looking after your monkey, as well as playing a range of mini games which allow you to win coins and experience. After you have reached the maximum experience, you “transfer” your monkey onto Habbo!

The Apple application is free of charge, and you can download it by clicking the”billboard” in the Lost Monkey room, or by clicking here.

The game has been rated an average “5 stars” on the Apple website, and has been rated by 6 users. 

So what are your views on the new lost monkey?

Betheh. – They’re adorable!

Woodseh – I think that they will be a great new pet smile.gif

IloveNERDS? – I don’t think that you should only get the free pet if you have an iPod or an iPhone, maybe they could do a quest or something smile.gif

So have you downloaded the application yet? And is it any good?

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