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The Never Ending Staircase0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:21 pm
Following the release of the new USVA habbo.com  furniture range, Habbo has set up yet another competition/quest to give
Habbos‘ another chance to win a badge! 

This has got to be one of Habbo’s tensest challenges ever. Following the fire walking and the black hole challenge, surely Habbo had gone far enough. Just be warned that the Never Ending Staircase isn’t for the impatient. 

Everyone who takes on the challenge will not only have to climb the staircase, but will have to count each USVA module, including the ones in the final room? How many stairs can you manage? Habbo have quoted “Give it a try, but consider yourself warned, this one ain’t for the impatient ones wink.gif

You can to the Never Ending Staircase by either searching “USVA-Challenge”, or clicking this link. It’s also located under “USVA” on the featured rooms list on www.habbo.com.

Get the number of steps right, and win a “Special USVA badge! Habbo have revealed that 100 lucky winners will win a pack of USVA modules worth 20 credits!

The Staircase closes Wednesday August 24th, 7am EST (that’s 7pm in Singapore, 10pm in Sydney, 4am in Los Angeles and 11am in London).

So have you taken on the challenge yet? How long did it take, and what are your views on the challenge overall? Feel free to comment below.

Good luck! smiley

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