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The Real Difference Between VIP and Non-VIP Members0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:34 pm

One of the biggest battles on Habbo, one of the only features that separates one from another is the VIP club. VIP was introduced alongside HC in April 2010 and quickly became more popular then ‘Habbo Club’, the extended features and perks of VIP made it a huge success. Finally in 2011, Habbo Club was removed from Habbo completely. This article is going to compare the real difference between VIP and Non-VIP users, it will also cover tricky issues such as ‘Norm Discrimination’ and the current pricing of VIP membership .

Is VIP worth the credits?
As you may or may not know VIP currently costs 25c for 1 month or 60c for 3 months. For this price you do get a substantial number of extra-features. The main features you receive as VIP are:
·         Extra Clothes
·         VIP Furni
·         Extra Room Layouts
·         Bigger friends list
In 2011 many more features we’re introduced such as, unlimited snowstorm, signs and actions. Signs became available for Non-VIP’s in December 2011, but VIP actions and the unlimited snowstorm games are still in place.

What’s the real difference between VIP and Non-VIP?
Apart from the increased features VIP provides, what is the real difference between VIP and Non-VIP users? The truth is there isn’t! All VIP or Non-VIP users are people. Some may not purchase VIP or even credits, but that is their decision. Unfortunately a few members of the Habbo community turn to what is known as ‘Norm Discrimination’.

What is ‘Norm Discrimination’?
A few people who are a member of VIP tend to believe that they are ‘above the rest’ and this has become a common occurrence named ‘Norm Discrimination’. Norm Discrimination is a form of bullying around Habbo, particularly around the RPG side of Habbo (e.g. schools, hospitals and adoption centres) where a VIP user bullies a non-VIP member because they don’t have VIP. Often Non-VIP users are called ‘Poor’ or ‘Ugly’ because of their online appearance. I can remember when I was involved with RPG based games when I was younger and being called all sorts, just because I didn’t purchase VIP at the time. Many Habbo groups have been created about this also to try and combat the issue, with little success.

In conclusion to my article I have made clear my opinion on the real difference between VIP and Non-VIP users, and the real truth is.. there isn’t one, apart from features. I personally believe that the price of VIP should be decreased as its pretty pricey. I also believe that in the long run, more people would purchase VIP which would mean a profit for Habbo overall, so it’s well worth it for Sulake as well.

As usual in my News articles, I have some comments from members of the Habbo community!

[email protected] I think Habbo VIP is overpriced, and now they took away HC there’s no point in really buying it. It’s just more clothes which tbh. Most of us look pretty cool in non-vip clothes. Also, the gifts aren’t the best.

Dolphins –  VIP is.. in my opinion, pointless, but addicting. Because when I’m VIP, I think it is a waste for money, but when I’m not… I don’t feel right so I buy more. Overall, I’d rate it about 7/10.

What is your opinion on this? Leave a comment!

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