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The Reason Why I Play Guitar3
By - Posted 19th February, 2017 at 6:02 am

I am sitting here typing up this article while I listen to classic rock, streamed to Habbox.com. I’m tired of modern music. I’m tired about the way our culture is becoming. It’s my time to rant. Read more to find out why.

I am saddened by the fact that our generation needs auto tune to sing well. It really dawns on me that we focus on money rather than quality music and content. Sure, I like a select number of pop songs, but that number is quite low. Trap, modern hip-hop/rap? Terrible. I hate it. There’s no substance or background to the music. Heck, our stars are all about glamour and pizazz – have you seen the way they dress? I’m talking about the females. I’m no sexist, but I don’t like the concept of exposing yourself, females, to get attention. It seems that it is the only thing that will get listeners and money.

The simple notes, the horrible music. This is just the beginning. Let’s get into my next point. No instruments are played. That’s right. The guys you see frantically playing guitars and other weird “instruments” on stage are fake. Ever wondered why they sound so well? They’re being emulated via a track that the tech guy threw into the mix. Don’t get me wrong, the songs took some talent to throw together, but it’s a one and done situation. Occasionally the actual artist will sing, but only on certain parts of the song. My example? The Super Bowl half time show. Lady Gaga sang some parts, not all of it. And get this – she sang the easier parts. Don’t get me wrong, I love electronic music – but only when it was meant to be under the genre “electronic”.

My last point before I get into why I play guitar: They’re always overplayed. Take for instance “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO. Doesn’t it bother you now? That’s because it was played thousands and thousands and thousands of times from its release. I LOVED it when it came out. Not anymore. People are way too ignorant to look up music that takes loads of talent to produce. This music is made to sell, not to enjoy thoroughly.

Why I Play Guitar

I have two electric guitars. My first guitar was a crappy little Starcaster, that, with the amp, costed me about 150 dollars. Guess what? That small invested led me to buy my first guitar that could easily play the late 70s, 80s, classic rock. An Epiphone G400 Pro – costed me about 350 in the end. Now, there was a reason for all of this. Ever heard of Bon Scott? Probably not. He was the main singer of AC/DC before his death in ’80 because of acute alcohol poisoning. Phenomenal singing. He never ONCE faked his songs. They didn’t have the technology at the time. AC/DC was started by two brothers, Angus and Malcolm young. Malcolm had a band before the creation of AC/DC, and Angus always wanted to join, playing in his room while the band played upstairs. Eventually, Angus became so proficient at playing guitar that him and his brother founded AC/DC, where Angus was the lead guitar and Malcolm was the rhythmist. Together, they became one of/if not the biggest classical rock band ever.

Angus Young inspired me to play my guitar because the music was never faked. It was from the heart on stage. The boys put ever into it to the point where they were dripping with sweat on stage. (Gross, I know.) But this shows that there was thought that went into their songs and inspired them to continue writing. To add onto this, Angus is the most friendly rockstar on the stage. He had instances where people would come to his house and he would stand outside and have a conversation. This is definitely not what our modern stars do.

I had the chance to go to an AC/DC concert in February of 2016, and it kicked ass. Old men shredding away on stage? They still had it! And guess what? It was real music. That’s why I play my guitar. It’s from the heart. You can actually enjoy it. It’s awesome.

I hope you’ll consider living as if you were in the late 70s, because THAT was the time to live.

Like! 2
    madison0442 commented on 19th February, 2017

    Woooo! I enjoyed reading your article! Your points were true – especially about the females and the auto tune. Music right now is kinda sad in the way that they have a lot of fakery.
    Excellent article! 🙂

    Josh9507 commented on 22nd February, 2017


    landonxd commented on 8th October, 2017

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