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The Secrets of ChronoZomfg!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:27 pm

Do you dare set foot in The Hell Hound Labyrinth??

As Habbo prepares itself for the FINAL battle against its foe ChronoZomfg, Habbo presents us with some information in how we defeat him. With all this information, Habbo still leaves it up to you! You must find out more about Habbo’s foe and then you must enter the Dreaded Hell Hound Labyrinth, the place in which the fiendish foe was born.

However, behind the doors of The Castle lies the unknown! But the horrible terrors of 10 long years have been hidden away, but are the secrets are best left forgotten and hidden behind the doors? Although the screams can be heard from a distance, but it’s like the sound of a horrid hitting the shores of a country which has been deserted.

(Kind of like the sound of Arthur screaming)

But the real question is, is that are you able to stand the madness, it is into ChronoZomfg’s hungry jaws, will you find yourself falling, falling forever and ever!

The Instructions:

1) You must enter The Castle and you must make a decision, and you must choose one of four teleports – all four teleports lead to A Hell Hound Labyrinth (All the rooms in the four teleports are the same)

2) Navigate your way through the Labyrinth, however! Take the path and step on the wrong tiles, you will teleport into the Hell Fires, and must start again.

3) The room you are in contains 3 secret tiles. If you stand on the correct tile, the tiles will reveal a secret of the fiendish foe ChronoZomfg.

4) Once you’ve navigated your way and finding these 3 tiles, you must make your way to the teleport in the room. This will transport you to The Higher Combatant’s Lounge.

5) Last but not least, as soon as your there. Fill in the poll The Hell Hound Hall and fill in the secrets of ChronoZomfg and which team you represent.

Deadline :

To make it through is Thursday November 3rd 9am EST (6am in Los Angeles, 2pm in London, 9pm in Singapore; 11pm in Sydney).


All the participants who filled in the poll will receive a Badge for a job well done. It isn’t a small task to reveal the deep and dark secrets of ChronoZomfg and make it to The Hell Hound Hall

The team in which has the most participants in the poll will win 5 points in the grand battle and will go towards the grand finale.

Also another prize is available which is that Habbo will also randomly draw 50 Winners, which will all receive a Coffin Couch to refurbish your creep rooms with.

If you think you can take on ChronoZomfg tell us, what do you think, will you enter? Let us know by clicking “Comment”.

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