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The War on Drugs – Marijuana0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:53 pm


We can’t live, in a society, which is both free, and drug free. The whole process of moving from one state of mind and being persuaded to another, by seeing the truth, makes the chaos of any situation seem ordinary. After 50 years of criminalisation, is it time to nip the drug war around marijuana at the bud? 77 years ago, marijuana became illegal in most major countries and by 1961, its criminalisation reached (almost) global status. Today, we find the topic of marijuana’s legality penetrating all forms of medical trials, media and even, in some cases, politics. So, should marijuana be legalised? 

Personally, I think that the whole process behind demonising marijuana is ridiculous. Through extensive research, personal opinions as well as (many) first hand experiences, I have concluded, in my mind, that the only way this drug is going to kill you, is if you take a large amount and beat your friend to death with it. But that’s my opinion, we’ll ignore that for now. However if this isn’t your opinion, that can soon change. Before I was a “user”, I used to associate people who smoke marijuana with lazy, good-for-nothing poorly motivated failures in life. I had a completely prejudice perception on what marijuana actually did to and for a person.

Looking at media headlines and social stories, there are two throbbing main “reasons” as to why marijuana MUST be kept from public use; the first is the link between usage of the substance and the development of schizophrenia. Schizophrenia has always stuck as a definite side effect of uncontrolled use of the drug, however new research into the matter is developing proof that this isn’t the case. Since the legalisation of marijuana in Colorado for both medicinal and recreational use, the amount of users of the substance has risen by almost 70%. With this figure you would have thought that the development of Schizophrenia in users would have sky rocketed, correct? Incorrect. The amount of people yearly that are developing the problem has not altered from previous recorded years, bringing to light new evidence that this side effect is nothing but an old wives tail.

For a lot of people, the impact of life itself is a little overwhelming, so they will seek out something to distract them. Whether it’s smoking a joint, playing games, drinking or even going on long walks, there is a lot of things people can do in order to create a distraction for themselves. It might not be for you, it could make you feel ill, paranoid or even something worse. Marijuana certainly isn’t for everybody, admittedly it’s not right for a lot of people… But does that mean it’s not right for me? No, no it doesn’t. Another factor playing in the anti-marijuana campaign is the subject of substance addiction, but in order to understand addiction in relation to any substance, we must first understand the psychology behind addiction itself. In reality, people can become addicted to anything; sex, shopping, eating or even skiing and snowboarding. To some people these things might not be addictive, but too others, they most certainly are. For example, I could find video games highly addictive, however you might not, and it’s the same process no matter what the addiction is. Ultimately you reading this is also addicted to some sort of activity, you cannot deny that you are either, because it’s true. Knowing this, you cannot truly call someone an addict for smoking marijuana, no more than I can call you an addict for enjoying driving your car every Sunday night.

 The number of deaths worldwide form the use of cigarettes is five and a half million, according to latest studies. That’s the same amount of people dying per year as the holocaust… Scary, right? If you smoke 2 packs a day, the risk of developing lung cancer can reach up to 1000x percent, but down to recent studies of the drug, there is no supporting evidence that marijuana use leads to any form of lung damage or cancer. Obviously if you’re going to roll your joints with tobacco in them, it’s a different story, but the drug itself has proven to not cause any damage. In this society, there are millions of others drugs, like tobacco, which are sanctioned that don’t have happy endings. If you take too much of these drugs, you’re basically screwed. But that general principle doesn’t only apply to drugs, someone could go to ASDA and buy multiple large bags of sugar, sit down and eat it all in one sitting with a spoon, then boom, they’re dead. So with that logic, shouldn’t we take sugar and make it illegal? What about salt? If a person eats enough salt in one sitting, or even over multiple sittings, they’re going to cause serious and possibly perminent harm to themselfs, but putting a little salt on your chips is okay, it’s acceptble.

So what do you guys think? 

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