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The X Factor did the “Mannequin Challenge” LIVE.1
By - Posted 27th November, 2016 at 8:00 pm Entertainment


Honey G is something of a joke act, but at the same time somehow good. This week, it’s fair to say she had an eventful time on The X Factor – first, she got the stage invaded by some random guy from the audience, and Simon wasn’t happy. Then, Sharon forgot who her act was (and it wasn’t a one-off, she’s done it other weeks too) and Nicole actually had to tell her. Then during her second performance the judges, audience, and production crew actually did the “Mannequin Challenge” craze that’s breaking the internet live on TV.

This year, Honey G who was probably supposed to be the joke act has actually made it through to the final five, beating Ryan Lawrie in the sing-off last week. Unsurprisingly, this caused a little bit of… disagreement? Many viewers weren’t happy that Honey beat Ryan, considering many people view Honey as an entertainer and not artist. She wants to be viewed as an artist, however, and is fighting to stay in the competition for the live final on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th of November, at 8pm on ITV. You can get tickets here.

Are you happy that Honey G is in the final five of the thousands that applied? Who’s your favourite to win? That’s what the comments are for – let us know your X Factor opinions!

Like! 3
    Bolt660 commented on 27th November, 2016

    I am rooting for Saara! 😀 Great article Lew! 🙂

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