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There's 'Pet Pandemonium' in the hotel!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:22 pm

So…you thought you couldn’t own a rare pet? Well you’re wrong!

That’s right Habbos’ – the final pet released in the series of rare pets, is the magnificent (and very beautiful) Gold Dragon! This new and rare pet will only be available in the catalogue for 24 hours and there’s less than 24 hours remaining now, you only have until… Saturday 9am EST (that’s 6am in Los Angeles, 2pm in London, 9pm in Singapore, and 11pm in Sydney) for you to grab that dragon!

This pet concludes the series of rare pets being released into the catalogue. The first pet to be released was the ‘Pink Spectre Spider’ , closely followed by the ‘blushing toad’ and then the ‘picasso turtle’ trotted along, and the ‘Gold dragon’ concludes the list.

Along with the rare pets (which were priced at 25c each) the user who purchased the pet would receive a badge (if you received one as a gift – you do not get a badge). Some users said the badges looked decent, however a majority felt the badges were simply re-coloured, which isn’t interesting, and they could have made more creative badges. If you haven’t yet seen the badges and eagerly want to see them, here they are:

Here are some opinions from users on the rare pets:

Jenkss : I think the rare pets are simply…fabulous and show everyone’s unique personality.
Cod-peace: I don’t like them , it’s just another excuse for habbo to get people to spend credits on a useless item.
,DarkLove? : I really like how we can buy rare pets, but I don’t see why we should spend more credits for a different colour.

The turtle badge hasn’t been handed out (apparently) and the dragon badge won’t be handed out for a while.

So… Did you purchase a rare pet? Maybe you even have the whole set! Or do you just want to voice your opinion on the pets and the badges. Post your view now by clicking ‘Read more and Comment’ !

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