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The 2020 Habbox Awards!
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Throwback Thursday!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:53 pm

 This week I have chosen to focus on two features that I loved!

Public Rooms:

(The Dirty Duck Pub)

Public rooms have existed on Habbo for all of its eternity (I think). My favourite was always The Dirty Duck Pub. It just had an amazing atmosphere. In my Habbo game, well to start off with at least, I was always in a public room.

 Rooms which I can remember include The Den, the original hallways, the burger shop (Who’s name escapes me) and Luigi’s Pizza Shop! The good thing about public rooms were that they had bots. If my Habbo wanted a lemonade in The Dirty Duck Pub, I could. I seem to also remember that you could ask for alcohol but I may be mistaken. Now, if you went to Luigi’s or the burger shop, you could ask for just that. Pizza or burgers and you got it! When I first joined Habbo on my original account in 06, roleplay was a big thing. Public rooms helped that by creating lots of places for families to go to or for dates to happen in. One major room for me was the Zen Gardens. I met my longest Habbo friends in there.

Overall, I miss the traditional Public Rooms! What’s your thoughts? Do you have any memories of these?  

Habbo Super Saver Subscription:

I am not 100% sure if this is still around but I thought I would mention it as it’s appeal didn’t last very long. When it first came out, I begged and begged my mother to subscribe for me. And she did eventually. I received the first month’s coins. Then that was it. I didn’t receive the next month’s. So my mother panicked that she got charged etc, which luckily she didn’t, my subscription was just cancelled. So my start with this service was very bad. Then once you got all 3 of the Mad Money furniture with you subscription points, what did you do?! It was pointless. It was another thing Habbo were never going update the range on.

If this is still around, it might be much better than it was but I have a feeling it isn’t. Maybe that is what Builder Club over took. If Habbo ever release a subscription again however, I would stick to just buying credits when you can. Unless you obviously subscribe to BC (Builders Club).

Do you remember the Super Saver Subscription? Did you have a better experience than me? Let me know below! 

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