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Habbox competitions

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Thumb Wrestling0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:41 pm
Do you think your thumb is strong enough? 

One Brit did when he took part in the world thumb wrestling championship. He said he often did it to pass
the time away and always managed to beat his friends. It was a few days before team GB won the cycling and rowing gold medal at the Olympic Games when Graeme Cunningham was named the world’s best thumb wrestler.
Last year he decided to give it a go properly in a tournament and came second to Cobra. He clearly has improved this year though and takes with him a small golden trophy for his efforts. When asked did he wish it was an Olympic Sport he said yes of course and maybe one day, it will.

If you don’t know what thumb wrestling is exactly it is this. You lock thumbs with your oppenent and try to pin the others thumb down for three seconds. Let’s wish him good luck for the future. Maybe we will see this sport in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Here is my top two weird sports to entertain you today.


Wife Caryying
The game is quite simple. Male participants race while ‘carrying’ a female partner (preferrably their wives.) 
The team that reaches the finish line first wins.

Chess Boxing 

It’s a fairly new sport. As you may have already guessed, it’s a hybrid sport which involves two very different types of sports – chess and boxing.

If you know of any other weird sports let me know! Just click on read more & comment. I think i’ve earned an ice cream, see you later.

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