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Thursday Temptations0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:11 pm

If you wanna get a bite in the butt, fight the press!

E! Entertainment takes pride in celebrity’s lives. Fishing for the info and dishing out the dirt is what they do best (… and let’s face it, anyone who works for E! rakes in bucket loads of cash). But what happens when celebs find the need to retaliate to the stories posted in the media?.. A cat-fight. That’s what. 

Denise Richards found the need to Tweet back to “theawfultruth” (i.e.: Ted Casablanca – writer of the Hollywood gossip column on E! online) after they wrote a story about Charlie Sheen having a mouthful to say (what’s new?) about his ex-wife Richards. 

The gossip column implied that Richards’ child support money was in fact, “hush money”. Though it is quite unbelievable considering that both Sheen and Richards are known for being blabber mouths. Denise made the brutal mistake of trying to fight off the story which of course resulted in yet ANOTHER article. What happened to the good old saying “ignorance is bliss”? 

My advice for celebs living in the spotlight?… When you see a story written about you, take a vacation, buy a lifetime supply of Monster Munch and don’t even bother to acknowledge it in the first place.

This week’s deal you can’t possibly ignore. For just 10 Credits you’ll receive:

Desktop Computer – Denise, step away from the computer. 
Neon Bar Shelf – learn from Sheen’s mistakes and drink responsibly. 
Tiger Rug – Vegas style baby! The recent story of Charlie Sheen’s life. 
Swing – goes up and down, just like their careers.

Grab this deal from the Special Offers section of the Catalog before next Thursday!

Written by : DEE.xo , Habbo

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