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Thursday Temptations0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:11 pm

Don’t disturb the peace!

Ze Old Ghost Rider got bailed out of jail by an old friend. The famous Mr. Nicholas Cage was recently behind bars for disturbing the peace and of course, being publicly drunk. Wow, that’s like totally a MAJOR offense for a guy who used to have a flaming skull, guess that means he’s hot headed. Get it?  

Moving on, he was recently seen arguing with his wife in a store about their apartment…why not just fight there?! Nice one Nic. It landed him in jail for nearly 8 hours until being bailed by a good friend. Which is surprisingly the last person you’d suspect to pay $11,000 to get someone out. Drum roll please…it’s the Dog The Bounty Hunter (also known as Duane Chapman)! I know it sounds like a lot of money, but what are good friends for?

Of course Nicholas Cage couldn’t bail himself out because of being recently broke due to bankruptcy. And he’s bankrupt because he bought a LOT of useless things, for example: a house that he doesn’t live in. That’s just pure genius. If I was Mr. Cage, I’d go get some anger management classes and probably start to buy things I REALLY need for life.

For just 10 Credits, you can get the Nicholas Cage Life Essentials pack including…

Large Sailing Boat – Did he buy one of these too? 
White Register – How the bounty hunter got his cash. 
Tiki Butterflies – What Nic has in his wallet. 
Drinks Tray – Who ever said drinking was good for you?

Grab this deal from the Special Offers section of the Catalog before next Thursday!

Written by .: Don.29:., Habbo              

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