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Time to share your view again!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:23 pm

Habbo are ready for your opinions on the new ‘Lost Monkey’ application! 

We took our weekly stroll down to the ‘Habbo Research Lab’ today and we discovered a brand new poll about the ‘Lost Monkey’ application. The ‘Lost Monkey’ application is a new game invented by Sulake, which is available to play on iPhone and iPod Touch. When you reach a certain level on the game your Habbo account will receive a gift e.g. the Banana Smoothie Machine.

Anyway, the new poll consists of questions regarding this application. It contains the generic questions you would expect, such as “Have you tried the Lost Monkey game yet?” and “What is your favourite mini game on the application?” However, there were 2 questions in the poll which caught our eye. These questions were…

“What do you think about the possibility of getting a pet in Habbo by playing a game?” This could suggest that Sulake plan to provide more rewards such as pets, furniture etc. by playing games / using applications. Maybe this is an enhancement to the current ‘free credits for rewards’ system?

“Would you like the Lost Monkey application available on other operating systems?” The options available in this question were;

.No Opinion 
.No, I don’t want to have a Monkey 
.No, I think Monkey’s should be sold in the catalogue as pets
.Yes, I want the App. for Android
.Yes, I want the App. for RIM Blackberry
.Yes, I want the App. for Symbian
.Yes, I want the App. for Windows Phone

This could potentially mean that the Lost Monkey game will be available for a wider range of devices! So there’s no need to feel disheartened if you don’t have an iPhone or an iPod Touch.

I bet you want to see more of these amazing polls…I know you do. If so, then search ‘Yurre’ (In-client) and go to the ‘Habbo Research Lab’. We suggest you add this room to your favourites as polls are regularly released here, usually a new poll is released every 5 days. So..what you waiting for? Get down there now and vote in this poll…before it’s too late.

Have you used the ‘Lost Monkey’ application yet? Do you want more Habbo rewards for using applications? Share your view now by clicking ‘Read More & Comment’!

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