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Tips on Appealing a Habbo Ban0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:53 pm

Most of us have been banned on Habbo at some point in our lives. Whether you knew were doing something you shouldn’t or not, it happens. And most of the time we get our accounts back within a reasonable amount of time, or we accept what we did was stupid and move on to make a new one.

But sometimes we’re banned by mistake, either because we were messing about and Habbo moderators took it the wrong way, or because someone was spam reporting us for no reason.. and sometimes it happens for some reason you can’t decipher at all. These bans are annoying, especially if you’re a relatively old Habbo user like myself and have been hoarding items and HC for a long time, and sometimes asking for your account to be unbanned fails completely and it seems like staff haven’t even bothered to read your ticket at all. Here are a few helpful tips to make appealing your ban more likely to succeed.

First of all, let’s take a look at the various reasons for being banned as they all have different consequences and will need to be tackled in different ways:

-Disruption (spamming, raiding)
-Harrassment (bullying)
-Sexually explicit behaviour (including giving out pornographic links)
-Taking part or hosting games of chance (casinos, betting, accepting payment in chance games such as Fridge Game)
-Hate speech (speech against someone’s culture, race, religion, sexuality, etc.)
-Scamming (from scamming in games to giving out fake URLs to steal other Habbos’ passwords)
-Innapropriate Name/Group/Room
-Claiming to be underage (shoutout to Bolt660 saying “I’m 6” in a game and getting banned)
-And, of course, anything that Habbo takes to violate the Terms & Conditions

If you want to read more on what these reasons include or how long the consequences can last for each, click here to find out more.

Before I begin, make sure to remember that your appeal will only be taken note of if your ban is for over a month. Anything less than that and Habbo will not deal with your request, you just have to wait it out! Now we can get onto how to appeal bans! Click here to see the request page (which is where you’ll be appealing your ban).

Let’s leave your actual request until the end and start off by filling out the other areas.

First off we’ve got “Hi Habbo, I am*”. Here, you tell Habbo whether you’re a Habbo player, a parent of a Habbo, or neither of those. Contrary to popular belief, claiming to be a parent of a Habbo will not get you taken more seriously. In fact, Habbo is wise to this and is unlikely to believe you, and are less likely to take your request seriously. So remember: if you’re appealing your own ban, tell them that you play Habbo!

The next part is “And I want to talk about*”. As this article is about fighting bans, I’m going to assume you’ll be choosing the “banned/muted/trade-locked account” option, but you may be picking another one. It should be noted that you should only choose the “compromised account” option if you’ve been hacked but not banned. If you’re hacked and banned, you should choose the “banned/muted/trade-locked account” option as normal.

Next is “My Habbo name is..*”. This is fairly self-explanatory: just the username of the Habbo which is experiencing problems. This will normally be your main account but may sometimes be a side account if you’re muted/banned/trade-locked on there.

The last box asks about any further information you might have for Habbo. Generally speaking, if you’re appealing a ban then you shouldn’t have any as this box mostly applies for people who have had problems buying credits, Builders Club, HC, etc. who need to enter their details used to pay. However, if you think you have anything relevant to put in this box, feel free.

Now finally we can move on and discuss your actual request!

Above the Description box (where you’ll be filling out the majority of your request) is a box asking for the Subject of your request. Put something fairly standard in here but make sure it still is clear what you’ll be talking about. For example, when appealing a ban for sexually explicit behaviour, your subject may be “Sexually Explicit Behaviour Ban Appeal”. But you may want to go for something more general such as “I think I have been banned unfairly”. Just make sure what you write is short, relevant, and to the point. Think of it like a thread title on HabboxForum or the subject of an email.

Here comes the most important part. You’ll want to put what you were banned for and how long the ban is, the a description of what happened to lead up to you getting banned, and why you think your ban is unfair. Here are a few tips to make your request more likely to be listened to:

  • Write like you’re writing an essay at school (but without the fancy words). English will not be the first language of many of the people answering your requests so make sure you make your appeal as easy to read as possible. If they don’t understand you, they won’t be able to help you.
  • Be polite. Insulting the people who will give you your account back is never a good idea because they’ll just label you as rude and ignore your appeal. But sucking up to them will look weird too… Don’t do that either.
  • If you know you’ve been banned fairly, don’t bother trying to appeal. You’re wasting your own time as well as theirs.
  • Tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Habbo can normally tell when you’re lying and if they do spot a fib, they definitely won’t be unbanning your account any time soon. Better to get the truth out with right at the beginning.
  • Keep to the point. The person reading your request will be reading hundreds just like it every week. If you waffle, they’ll get bored pretty quickly and may decide not to read all of it and just give you an automated response instead. This is often why people receive responses that don’t really answer their question.

And finally, if you’re trying to appeal an underage ban, you’ll need to add proof that you are over 13. Habbo will tell you more about this after you send a first request but they normally require some form of ID. A driver’s license would be ideal, but they’ll tell you anything they accept.

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