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My Top 10 Fictional Scientists!1
By - Posted 14th April, 2018 at 12:00 am Entertainment

I have a soft spot for scientists in movies, comics and shows, so I thought to kick off science week I would give you a top 10 list of my favourite fictional scientists.

This is my personal opinion, it is not based on a list or most viewed movies/book sales. Click “read more” if you have a little science geek inside 😛

Professor Utonium (Powerpuff Girls)

As creator of the Powerpuff Girls, Professor Utonium was one of my first exposures to fictional scientists. Even though they were a mistake, and probably have given the professor a couple of grey hairs during the show, he has taken the girls in with unconditional love and lived up to his father role.

That makes him one of the most badass professors in kids TV and he deserves a place on this list.

Favourite moment: My favourite moment with the professor is from the episode Super Villain from season 2, where the professor and girls are invited for dinner at their neighbour’s house but find out the neighbour is a mad super villain and therefore the professor takes forever to eat his last pea.


Dr. Robotnik/Egg-man (Sonic the Hedgehog)

Even though he fails time after time to stop Sonic, Robotnik never gives up and comes again with new machines to stop the blue hedgehog.

His wacky design, and crazy robot machines gives him a place on this list.

Keep trying doctor, you will get him one day and if not you will give us entertainment for an eternity.

Favorite moment: From the animated Sonic the Hedgehog series episode 15, Robotnik ask his assistant what colour his heart is, the assistant answers “I don’t see a heart sir” and Robotnik replies “exactly!” That is one of my absolute favourite villain lines of all time.


Dexter (Dexter’s laboratory)

I wanted to be Dexter as a kid! He showed me to embrace my geekness and just be myself no matter what anyone says. He keeps building amazing machines, even though his less intelligent and more clumsy big sister keeps destroying his lab over and over.

I never understood how he could keep such a huge lab hidden from his parents, but that is what gives Dexter a place on this list. I sure would not want to pay that electric bill they might get.

Favourite moment: Season 1 episode 9 Dexter did not study for his French exam so he goes to sleep listening to a CD called “French for Beginners”. Unfortunately the CD skips so it keep repeating “omelette du fromage” (cheese omelette) all night and Dexter wakes up the next day being unable to say anything but that sentence.


Dr. Evil (Austin Powers movies)

I absolutely love the Austin Powers movies, some of the greatest comedy known to man in my opinion. Mike Myers playing both the protagonist Austin Powers and the antagonist Dr. Evil just shows how great an actor that man is. The humour both of the characters use are hilarious but the movies have to be seen not explained.

I love the idea of the world’s worst hero fighting the world’s worst criminal and that is what gives Dr. Evil a place on this list.

Favourite moment: My favourite Dr. Evil moment has to be in the movie “Austin Powers: Goldmember” where he and his son Mini-me rap a remix to “Hard Knock Life”, originally from the musical Annie but later sampled by Jay Z on his album “Vol.2”, which is what this scene parodies.


Dr. Neo Cortex (Crash Bandicoot games)

Crash Bandicoot is my all time favourite game series and some games that I was completely addicted to as a kid. Dr. Neo Cortex plans to create an army of evil henchmen, and his failed attempt (Crash Bandicoot) is sent to Earth. As he grows older Crash Bandicoot becomes Cortex’s nemesis, stopping every evil plan Cortex has.

Cortex genius evil plans and best evil laugh in video-game history gives him a place on this list.

Favourite moment: In the intro to Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back, we see Neo Cortex fall from his blimp (that you destroyed in the first game), land on a stranded island and find out he has landed in a dungeon full of crystals. I love this scene because it features his evil laugh and has a parody of The Simpsons as Cortex says “DOH” when his light goes out.


Professor Calculus (The adventures of Tintin)

This man gave comedy to one of my favourite comics growing up. He wants the best and most of the time his crazy inventions help Tintin and his gang of crime solvers, but he was always confused and forgets what he just said 2 seconds ago… and is never able to hear what people tell him.

Professor Calculus takes a spot on my list due to his humorous wacky intelligence, his weird alternative sentences he think people say, and always avoiding danger without knowing it.

Favourite moment: From episode 10 of season 3 “Destination Moon, Part 2.” When Captain Haddock accuses Professor Calculus of acting the goat, Professor Calculus flips out, drags Tintin and Haddock into a car that he drives like a maniac (revealing he does not have a licence) to his rocket he had built and Haddock had to swallow his words.


Rick Sanchez (Rick and Morty)

This character needs no introduction, if you do not know what Rick and Morty is by now you have probably lived isolated without any internet for the past decade. This show has gotten so much praise that fans of the show at times go out of the ordinary to express their fandom.

Rick is the grandpa and mad scientist teacher of Morty, who he takes away to insane adventures through space and time around the galaxy. The humour of this show is amazing and I can not advise you enough to see it if you have not yet.

Rick’s over the top vulgar humour and selfish point of view is what gives him this spot on my list.

Favourite moment: In episode 3 of season 3 Rick turns himself into a pickle and gets caught by the cat, almost dries out in the sun, and has to fight giant rats in the sewer to make arms and legs to his pickle body so he can get the antidote.


Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde (The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde)

Dr. Jekyll has fought his evil side his whole life, and then makes a serum to kill all evil inside of him! Unfortunately the serum does the opposite of what he wanted and his alter-ego Mr. Hyde is born.

I love this story because it shows we all have demons inside and when we try to kill them off they just come out worse.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are the ultimate ying and yang couple which is what gives them this spot on the list.

Favourite moment: The cinematic transformation from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde in the 1932 adaptation of the story is absolutely amazing for the time.


Professor X & Magneto (X-men franchise)

It is too hard for me to pick between these 2 characters from the X-men franchise, which is why they share this spot!

As the founder of the X-men, Charles Xavier (better known as Professor X) might be the coolest scientist in the history of comic books. Do not get fooled by him being in a wheelchair, this man might have the strongest mind in the universe. He uses his powers for good to try to justify mutants’ rights living alongside humans, and trains a mutant army known as X-men to save the world from their counterpart mutants led by the evil Magneto. He has incredible powers to read and delete minds, and is really good at persuasion which makes the mutants join his army to fight for a good cause.

Eric Lensherr (better known as his alter ego Magneto) on the other hand has lost his faith in mankind and sees mutants as superior to the human race, and therefore he convinces all he can to join his army to take over the world.

As similar these 2 characters are they are nemeses, and have completely different world visions which grants them a spot on this list.

Favourite moment: My favourite moment is at the end of move X-Men from 2000. *SPOILERS* In the scene Charles and Eric play chess after the X-men’s victory against Magneto, Eric questions Charles’ hope in mankind, where Charles then answers that he also question it but he will always be there to fight Magneto.


Henry Frankenstein

Henry has a hunchbacked assistant named Fritz. If that does not scream evil scientist I don’t know what does.
Henry Frankenstein finds the secret to life and creates his own creature, often referred to as “Frankenstein’s Monster”, but after seeing the destruction his monster is making he regrets it and tries to kill the monster.

This is the classic of all classics in my opinion, and Frankenstein’s Monster made the blueprint for so many horror movies and novels in the future, which gives him the top place on my list.

Favourite Moment:  My favourite scene is from the movie adaptation from 1931 where Henry puts the newly-built monster up on the roof during a thunder storm to give it life, and when he realises it has succeeded the favourite line from the movie is screamed – “IT’S ALIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!!!”


That was my list, do you agree on my picks? Do you think I missed someone? Leave your comments down below.

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    lawrawrrr commented on 14th April, 2018

    My favourite is Temperance Brennan from Bones and pretty uch all the CSI Las Vegas scientists!!! I loved those shows 😀

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