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Top 10 Music Throwbacks!0
By - Posted 21st March, 2017 at 7:38 pm Entertainment

Do you like to reminisce about music from the past? Have you forgotten about some of the songs that used to be popular? If you like to take a look at music throwbacks then read more!

There’s a lot of music that we know today and we can sing them off by heart. Nowadays you hear remixes and high-pitched pop singers. While we enjoy these new songs we forget about the old songs and artists that we all used to love:¬†Black Eyed Peas, Natasha Bedingfield, the list goes on and on. Let’s take a look at these throwbacks right now!

10. Natasha Bedingfield – Pocketful Of Sunshine

This is a song that we know but have forgotten. With some catchy words and a peace-inspiring tune, we have a perfect combination that makes a¬†Pocketful Of Sunshine!¬†We all get taken away by this song and¬†Natasha’s¬†voice makes it all the better! This throwback hit¬†was released 15th January 2008; can you believe that this song is 9 years old?!¬†Click¬†here¬†to take look at the lyrics to the song! Take us away to a better place, Natasha!

9. Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling

Wow, wow, wow, now this hit was a smasher! When this song came out everyone just wanted to party all night long.¬†I Gotta Feeling¬†puts you in a very good mood when you’re feeling down and dismal.¬†This is probably one of¬†Black Eyed Peas’¬†best hits; they have produced amazing hits before and after this one. This throwback song was released¬†June 23rd 2009;¬†This year this song will be¬†8 years old!¬†Click¬†here¬†to see the lyrics to this song. Tonight’s gonna be a good night!

8. Mini Viva – Left My Heart In Tokyo

I remember when I was younger and I’d listen to this song; the tune would get stuck in my head! This might just have been the catchiest single of 2009. Unlike the last two artists, Mini Viva are one-hit-wonders (as Mini Viva¬†only) and have split since. Frankee Connolly joined the girl group M.O in 2012 but we haven’t seen much of Britt Love, however¬†she has been on The X Factor.¬†Left My Heart In Tokyo¬†was released¬†6th September 2009;¬†this song will also be 8 years old!¬†Click¬†here¬†for the lyrics to this song!¬†Nobody no-no-knows I left my heart in Tokyo!

7. Gwen Stefani – Hollaback Girl

Do you remember this song? I do! With a catchy set of lyrics and some brass instruments, an amazing song has been created –¬†Hollaback Girl!¬†This has been used recently in vines; the vines are usually people hurting themselves to the starting drumbeat. This¬†hit¬†is one to listen to! This throwback was released¬†15th March 2005;¬†that means that this song is¬†12 years old!¬†If you want to see the lyrics to this song then click¬†here!¬†A few times I’ve been around¬†that¬†track!

6. Mis-Teeq – Scandalous

Now this is a throwback to be sexy and scandalous with. You might remember this song from a film called¬†“Catwoman”¬†which had¬†Halle Berry¬†as the titular character. Scandalous became a hit after it was released¬†17th March 2003!¬†To think this song is¬†14 years old¬†is crazy! We have definitely forgotten about this song as the years have gone by, however when we do hear this song it pops back into our heads. If you want to get the lyrics back into your head then click¬†here¬†now!

5. S Club 7 – Never Had A Dream Come True

We’re halfway down the list! A¬†beautiful song with a mix of meaningful lyrics and outstanding vocals can create something truly¬†amazing; S Club 7’s Never Had A Dream Come True has shown us a great example of that! This has also proven to be one of the British pop group’s less cheesy songs. This was a tune that we all loved but once again, we have forgotten about it! This throwback hit was released¬†27th November 2000; it will be 17 years old!¬†¬†We tend to hear this ballad around Christmas time, after that we forget about it again! Click¬†here¬†to look at the¬†lyrics.

4. Avril Lavigne – Complicated

This is a song that I have heard on my school bus recently.¬†Avril¬†has released some amazing songs and this was her first!¬†Complicated¬†has a more relaxed feel but with that slight edginess that makes it all the better, and we bob our heads to the tune. The throwback was just so good and that was what started her fame as a singer! The intro to the song gives you that 2000’s American high school feel – in my opinion anyway. This¬†hit¬†was released¬†14th May 2002¬†and will soon be¬†15 years old!¬†To check out the¬†lyrics,¬†click¬†here.

3. Let The Sun Shine – Labrinth

Okay, so this song isn’t quite as old but I guess we can still call it a throwback! We definitely let the sun shine when we hear this!¬†Labrinth’s¬†hit¬†has such a great vibe to it and it definitely makes us smile. This song was released 27th September 2010¬†and will be¬†7 years old¬†this year! The chorus to the song is very easy to remember and it will probably get stuck into your head. Click¬†here¬†if you want to see the lyrics!¬†Let the sun shine, Labrinth!

2. B*Witched – C’est La Vie

Now we’re going Irish here!¬†C’est La Vie¬†is an awesome tune to hear and by the end of it we are doing an¬†Irish dance!¬†This song was released by an¬†Irish¬†girl group¬†called¬†B*Witched¬†and we are thankful that they came out with it. This throwback was released¬†25th May 1998;¬†this song will be¬†19 years old,¬†can you believe it?! If you want to take a look at the lyrics to this song then click¬†here¬†now!

And now for our number 1…

Usher – Yeah!

Now this is a good tune to go clubbing to! The catchiest bit of this throwback consists of the word “yeah”¬†and we love it! This is a song you can just sing along to and forget about all your problems!¬†Usher¬†released this song¬†27th January 2004, 13 years ago!¬†Unlike some of the songs on this list, this is one you just¬†can’t¬†forget about! If you’d like to take a look at the awesome lyrics then click¬†here¬†now! Soon we’ll all be singing “yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, YEAH!”

Did you enjoy this list of throwbacks? Do you agree with this list? Leave a comment down in the comments section below! And don’t forget to check out all the other awesome articles at!

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