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Trouble Loading Habbo?0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:25 pm

Have you had any problems loading habbo today?

If you are having any problem whilst trying to load habbo, then hopefully this post will help you sort it out. 

Habbo today has had an update, an update which may have made some technical faults on the habbo website. The problem seems to be with caching,

  if you experiencing a problem whilst loading the hotel, all you need to is clear your cache and by right the hotel will load completely fine. 

However if the problem with the cache is still their then, contact Habbo Customer Support. Visiting the Habbo Customer Support will give advice and support on how to solve the problem which is at hand. 

Reason Behind the Update:

Groups Furni is OUT!
In the Catalogue today, there has been an update on the Groups, If you go into the Catalogue —> Habbo Groups –> Group Furni 

There is:

  • Group Carpet – Motto: Don’t wipe your feet on it!
  • Group Sofa – Motto: For honoured group members, and all their backsides
  • Group Stool (White) – Motto: Show your primary colours 
  • Group Stool (Black) – Motto: Show your secondary colours
  • Group Pennant – Motto: Be Proud 
  • Group Banner – Motto: Show your allegiance 
  • Group Divider – Motto: Divided we conquer

To purchase these items you must “Create or join a group”. You are required to have a group to be able to purchase the Group Furni which is available in the catalogue.

Has the update affected you? Has it affected someone you know? What do you think of the new group furni? Please tell us more of what you think on this subject by clicking ‘Read More and Comment’.


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