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[UPDATE] New External Links Found!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:26 pm

Recently, two new external texts have been found which may suggest the return of Snowflake Quests in Habbo Hotel.

What are Snowflake Quests?

For the newer members of Habbo who probably weren’t Habbo users back in 2010, the Snowflake quests were like the shell quests during English summer, each day Habbo would set you a small quest to find a certain furniture and if you found the furniture you’d be rewarded with a few tokens, these tokens would be named shells during summer and snowflakes in the winter. There’d be a set time limit for you to complete a quest, if you didn’t finish it in that set limit then there would be no way for you to gain the token that you lost, if you completed the quest in the set limit there’d be a new quest available the next day so you could save up your tokens so altogether you’d be rewarded with a piece or even pieces of furniture, most likely to be non-tradable, but hey, they were a lovely addition to wintery themed rooms! Last year saw the snowflake quest rewards ranging from ducks to dinosaurs – so hopefully this year we will have even more exciting rewards as Habbo aims to improve its annual events every year!

The two texts that have been found are as follows:                                         

Text 1:

Text 2:

These texts are not hard to understand at all (and even for me they’re not!) These external texts could suggest –

Text 1: Looking at the text it seems like this one is a feature that updates you on how many tokens you have.

Text 2: This sounds like there is going to be a page in the catalogue for you to choose your furniture reward, hopefully the 2011 part of the text will be for newly designed furniture.
What are your thoughts on the recently found external texts, are you looking to Christmas this year?

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