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[Update] New furniture is 'riding' its way into Habbo!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:24 pm

New furniture has been discovered which will be accompanying the pet horse when it rides into Habbo!

43 new items have been discovered, all relating to the wild west theme (possibly part of a competition) and believed to be arriving around the same time as the horse. There are a range of items which will definitely look appealing to you such as hair dyes and pitchforks! So you’re bound to be stuck when deciding which item is your favourite.

It’s time to reveal the brand new items *drum roll*…
Horse accessories:

This is something brand new arriving for pets. You will have the opportunity to change the hair colour of a horse you purchase and you’ll be able to change it’s body colour as well!

There is a wide choice of colours to choose from – maybe you fancy perfect pink with baby blue or a more traditional brilliant brown with blissful black. You decide what colours you want from a choice of 15 for body colour and 13 for hair colour.

Wall Items:

There are 4 new items which are planned to be wall items and fit into the ‘wild west’ theme. The first item is a pitchfork, which would look fantastic if you’re creating a barn and want something to go above that tractor! The second item is a simple horseshoe, it looks exactly like the new horseshoe badges which will be arriving at the hotel shortly (As part of an event we assume.) The final 2 items are new ‘stable walls’ in a choice of 2 colours – white and brown, they’re not that different compared to the current “barn walls”.

Floor patches:

2 new floor patches have been discovered! They are a lovely hay patch (perfect for your pet horse or pet chick) and a comfy sawdust patch (also good for your horse). We don’t think that they’re edible though, so please don’t encourage your pixel pets to eat the patches…

Dividers, corners and gates:

There are 2 new dividers, 2 new gates and 2 new corners arriving soon! They will all be named “Stable ____” e.g. Stable Gate, and there will be a choice of 2 colours again – the gleaming white paint or the traditional brilliant brown colour. Oh, did we also mention that the gates will take up 2 spaces (“a double gate”.)

Other items:

Finally, the last 3 items. Now, we all know that a lot of you like to make little jokes over the fact that Habbo introduced ‘Reindeer Poo’. Well, guess what? Habbo are now going to be introducing ‘Horse Manure’ – that’s going to cause lots of jokes and help make a lot of compost! Penultimately, there will also be some “horse hay” arriving at the hotel – whether it will be edible or not is doubtable, due to the fact there is already hay as pet food. Finally – the horse saddle! You may have to purchase one of these to ride a horse, or it may just be a decoration.

It looks like it’s going to be a very exciting week in Habbo… make sure you’ve got your lucky horseshoe, it might come in handy!

Are you excited about the new additions coming to the hotel? Which of the above is your favourite item? Will you be purchasing a horse? Share your view now by clicking ‘Read More & Comment’.

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