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[UPDATE] New Habboween clothes!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:26 pm

New clothes have been released for Habboween! 

That’s right, Habbo have released brand new Halloween themed clothes, just for you lot! There’s brand new tops, torso items, hats and even more. We won’t keep you waiting, here are the brand new items…

Tops – Males:

You lucky males have 2 brand new tops available! You have a new skeleton top, it’s very realistic and will make you look like you’ve just risen from a grave. There is also a mummified top available, which is perfect… if you like pretending you’re from Egyptian times!

Warning: Wearing the skeleton costume may result in loss of e-skin. Yes, we know – that was a hilarious joke!

Tops – Females:

For the females, you also received the mummified top and the skeleton bones, but you also receive a new outfit!

A brand new dress. It has some similarity to one of the dresses already in the catalogue, but this one is slightly more ‘scruffy’. We’re sure you’ll make the perfect zombie bride for a mummified husband. Young monster love… so beautiful!

Torso accessories:

There’s some peculiar torso accessories available this week!

The first one, is brand new ‘shoulder pads’ which resemble rhino skin… and almost have rhino horns on the edge of them. Quite peculiar for a Halloween themed outfit.

The other 2 items are meant to be placed in the middle of your stomach, as if something is appearing from the middle of your stomach. The first one is simply a small hole, but can be compared to a third eye (it’s your time to be a triclops!) The other could either be a tongue, or blood and organs appearing from the middle of your stomach… how gory!


There’s only 1 new introduction into the ‘bottoms’ section of the catalogue this week…

Mummified trousers! These will go great with your mummified top, and will definitely turn you into a truly magnificent mummy.


3 new hat introductions this week. We have a brand new ‘witch/wizard’s’ hat in a traditional style (slightly bent at the top – imagine the wicked with of the west). We also have a new kind of ‘veil’ – it’s a veil attached to a hat (and surprisingly, the hat seems to slightly resemble the shape of a spider’ and finally we have a knight’s helmet available for all.

It seems unusual to have a knight’s outfit in the wardrobe for Halloween?

Other head accessories:

There are some rather unusual head accessories in the wardrobe this week… 

We have new masks available – one of them is a stereotypical eye mask, but the other one seems to have a nose in the middle of it – perfect if you wish to become the wicked with of the west.

There is also ‘a bunch of pins’ which are designed to be placed on your head – acupuncture gone wrong! (Final destination…). There is also an enlarged ear which you can wear and a pin, which is designed to look as if it has gone straight through your brain and out the other side (how lovely!

The final accessory is a ‘horn’, not much to say – but it’s quite weird that Sulake have developed items which have a huge relation to rhinos.

It looks like a fairly exciting week so far, we can’t wait to see what more stuff is revealed later on! Also, with these new outfits, you really can be the ‘beast of the ball’ (it’s not the belle of the ball… honest!)

Which of the clothing items is your favourite? Are you looking forward to Habboween this year? Share your view now by clicking ‘Read More & Comment’!

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