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[UPDATE] New horse hairstyles and dyes!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:25 pm

Brand new accessories for horses have been spotted! 

It looks like the pet horses are getting even more special treatment, as new hairstyles and dyes are arriving/have arrived for them! There’s everything from a beautiful braided hairstyle to crimson coloured, horse body dyes. That’s just a small snippet of the accessories, so you better read on to find out about all of them!

Here they are;


Sulake have been developing new hairstyles for the horses and they have been released! You now have a choice of 5 ‘horse hairstyles’ to choose from;

* Traditional – this is the most common hairstyle, which is used on horses who have just been purchased from the catalogue.
* Free – Habbo sum this hair style up perfectly; “Wild, long and free!”
* Plaited – Ever wanted to plait a horses hair? Well now you can with this fabulous hairstyle!
* Wild – Now your horse can look like the ‘punk of the party’ with this outrageous hairstyle.
* Braids – Want your horse to be the Lady NeighNeigh of the horse world? Then you better purchase this hairstyle.


We have dug a little deeper and discovered 2 new dyes which could potentially arrive in the catalogue for horses. They are both body dyes and the only way to describe their colours (their furni name is still unknown) is ‘crimson’ and ‘gold’.


You may have noticed, that the best ‘lines of speech’ for horses have been chosen! Some of the new lines include “You can lead a Horse to water…” and “Hey, Manure happens!”

It seems to be an incredibly exciting month for the horses! This also means I can now enter my horse into ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ – We’re going to perform the song ‘Whip my hair’ together…

What do you think of the new updates? Which line of speech is your favourite? Have you changed your horse’s hairstyle yet? Post your comment by clicking ‘Read More & Comment’.

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