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[Update] New poll released!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:25 pm

A new poll has been released in the ‘Habbo Research Lab’, regarding the horses and pets. 

We took our weekly stroll down to the ‘Habbo Research Lab’ today and we discovered a new poll! This time, the poll is centred around Horses and partially includes pets. The poll includes some of the stereotypical questions such as “What is your opinion on the horses?” and “Have you ridden a horse yet?” but there were also some intriguing questions such as… well, you’ll have to read on!

We found 3 questions, which we think you’ll find interesting and here they are:

Question 8 – What other rideable pets would you like to see in the future?

This could be suggesting that we may see even more pets like the horses in the future. Who knows, we may have donkeys (Yes, donkeys and horses are different), elephants or anything else you can think of! Maybe… just maybe… we could ask Sulake to create a unicorn?! We think that many Habbos are going to enjoy the possibility of more rideable pets in the future.

Question 9 – What do you think of the possibility of being able to customise your pet with dyes?

This could be suggesting that dyes will be available for all pets! In the future, it might become a regular section of the catalogue (we hope), so everyone can customise their pets with any colour of their choice. Imagine a rainbow coloured cat… Nyan cat! The dyes are fairly cheap,so we assume they’ll be quite popular in the future.

Question 15 – How could the horses be improved? Should there be new features,customisability (e.g. accessories), colours/effects or other things related to the horses?

Eek! This sounds like a chance for you to suggest an improvement to the horses. Maybe you could suggest a pre-made game (by Sulake) for the horses to use, maybe the horses could have clothes or maybe you’d want some effects designed specifically for horses? Whatever you wish for – suggest it to Sulake now by including it in the poll – read on if you wish to know how to access the poll.

Ok, so those were the questions – I bet you’re now thinking “I MUST ANSWER THIS POLL!”. Then all you have to do is search ‘Yurre’ (in-client) and go to the room called ‘The Habbo Research Lab’. We suggest you favourite this room as well, because polls are regularly released here and you wouldn’t want to miss out on all the excitement would you?

It looks like there’s going to be more excitement for pets in the future, maybe enough excitement to make you “barking mad”!

Have you bought the pet horse yet? What improvements do you think should be made? Would you like the chance to customise all pets? Share your view now by clicking ‘Read More & Comment’.

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