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User Spotlight – Kittysoft0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:53 pm


User Spotlight – Kittysoft hr-545-36.hd-600-8.ch-685-71.lg-716-71-1

This time I wanted to put the spotlight on a user who roams the forum regularly, and if you wanted to know more about Kittysoft, this is your chance.

Habbo Spotlight
Habbo Name: Kittysoft
Past Habbo Names if you had any: 
Kittysoft is my 1st and only account.
How did you find out about Habbo:
Don’t remember, it was ages ago!
How long have you played Habbo: 
I have played for 11.5 years, with a few breaks in playing since 2005, and have mostly been on since 2008.
What were your best & worst Habbo experiences: 
One of the better ones I remember was buying my pet cat, “Lucy” on the day pets were released, and she’s been in my maze for many years now. My worst experience was probably trading 2 Club Sofas for 2 VIP Sofas back when VIP was around. I try to avoid bad trades, but what was I thinking then?
What are your favorite & least favorite Habbo games: 
My favorite are mazes. I love the challenge of completing one and I made my own a while ago and have kept it open ever since. My least favorite ones are games such as Cozzie Change, where HC users have an advantage and the host always picks their friends to win. 
What furniture do you like & dislike the most: 
I love Teleports the most, and I have a collection of them. I don’t have any particular choices that I hate, i feel like every furni has it’s place in Habbo.
If there was one thing you could change about Habbo, what would it be: 
Allow Rares and LTDs to be rented out to other users for a small fee. Just to see how it would affect the markets if nothing else.
Habbox Spotlight
How did you find out about Habbox:
I don’t remember.
What do you like & dislike about Habbox:
I spend most of my time on here browsing the forum. I can’t think of anything to hate about Habbox.
When did you join: 
According to my profile, I joined in August 2010. 
What is your post count: 
At the time of this interview, my post count was 218 posts.
What is your reputation count: 
My reputation count is 7, although I’m not active enough on here to pay any real attention to it.
What is your reputation power: 
My reputation power is 5.
Random Questions
What is your favorite band: 
The Sounds, I found them on Pandora ages ago and loved them from the 1st listen.
What is your favorite genre of music: 
Any kind of Rock Music with female lead vocals, such as Metric and Paramore.
What is your least favorite music & genre:
Rap music.
What is your favorite movie & genre: 
Animated movies are my favorite kind, and my favorite movie at the moment is How To Train Your Dragon 2.
What is your dream job: 
One where someone pays me money for doing nothing (we can all dream, can’t we?).
What is your favorite color: 
It used to be Purple, but I don’t have a strong preference for any color now.
What are your strengths & weaknesses: 
I’m pretty good at Maths and Statistics. Mybiggest weakness is probably to do with anything involving other people, I like being by myself and don’t talk to others much.
What is you favorite & least favorite food: 
My favorite food is chocolate. My least favorite is pretty much anything else. I hate a lot of foods, and hate eating out.
Thats all for now folks, peace.

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