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Wagner Wants Serious Wonga for HabboxLive Interview!5
By - Posted 10th September, 2016 at 11:17 pm Inside Scoop

040ea378dfebb1ff5e9948583de84c0d8023969f9a37a3ae09pimgpsh_fullsize_distrEver wonder what happened to 2010 X-Factor finalist, Wagner? Well.. We can reveal that he now spends his time managing his own Facebook page, where he makes and sells personalised videos for fans.

Assistant HabboxLive Manager, MikeyFusion decided to send the long-haired legend a message on the page, asking if he would be kind enough to do an exclusive interview for HabboxLive. We were informed that in exchange for some answers from Wagner, we would need to part with £200 of Habbox’s funds. That’s right. Two hundred pounds for an interview. Man, I wish I had Wagner’s voice so I could be on fixed rates like that for interviews!

Mikey had earlier promised listeners of the HabboxLive Chatathon, that he would try to get Wagner to appear on the show. Continue reading for more on this exclusive insight into Habbox’s exchange with Wagner!

Wagner made an appearance on ITV show This Morning this week, discussing his new Facebook page business, and just how many requests he has been receiving per day. Users can request birthday greeting videos with Wagner singing from just £19.50! Unfortunately for Habbox, the star does not do freebies!‍ I’m sure this news will leave many listeners of the HabboxLive Chatathon absolutely devastated! Would you have liked to hear Wagner on HabboxLive? Let us know by giving this article a like!

Here is the conversation between Assistant HabboxLive Manager, MikeyFusion and X-Factor Superstar, Wagner:

wagner1 wagner2

Wagner has a verified Facebook page, which he uses to sell himself on! If you are desperate to get your hands on your very own Wagner video (it will cost you mind) then click here


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elegance Commented on 10th September, 2016

christmas vip 2016 all funds will go to an interview with wagner

Bolt660 Commented on 10th September, 2016

Fab idea! 😛 I’m not even sure what questions I would ask him in an interview to be fair!

MikeyFusion Commented on 10th September, 2016


Bolt660 Commented on 10th September, 2016

It’s okay Mikey! We should aim higher anyway! 😛

berggg Commented on 12th November, 2016

considering im not British, I’m not sure how much 200 pounds is but it seems pretty expensive for an interview!! Although he said he would drop to 100 pounds that seems expensive as well!

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