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What The Horse Are You Talking About?0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:26 pm

The Horses were fixed, but then they weren’t!

After 2 days of Billy McCoy being on Habbo discussing different Horse phrases, it seems that cracks are already beginning to show, as the horses are now speaking complete gibberish to some owners. Although they are Horses it did take the staff time to figure this crack out. The Habbo staff attempted to contact Billy McCoy to let him know that his Habbo hotel room was EMPTY! When I mean EMPTY I mean, nothing left! The person even stole everything down to the pipes. 

So with this problem Habbo staff decided they better contact Billy McCoy, however the payphone outside the YMCA did not have an answering service. After some attempts of trying to contact Billy McCoy someone called Ross picked up, and told Habbo staff that he would tell Billy McCoy about the dilemma.

Some Habbo staff now regret speaking with Billy McCoy and even Neja regrets going on a date with him. Kitano regrets giving him updates on her phone and even Puffin regrets what Kitano and Neja did. After the mistake of Billy McCoy, the Habbo staff thought about it, then decided they needed to do something about the problems. How? You might ask. By visiting the cemetery, and digging up the one and the only Viennese psychotherapist (who shall remain nameless). Having thought about it Puffin always wondered why is Kitano’s only solution is to dig up things in the cemetery. Or was Kitano just starting to get into the Habboween spirit, you may wonder. Nobody knows. 

After Kitano and Neja do some weird Habboween rituals (and at the same time covering themselves in tomato puree and dancing to Bryan Adams), they resurrect the therapist which reveals all the answers. He said that there must only be 3 reasons behind this silly behaviour from the horses. The only way we would be able to understand the horses is that if we could somehow figure out what they was saying. GENIOUS!

What the Habbo staff ask of YOU, Is to try and decipher what the horses are saying. But you must first head over to Neja Stables, where you are able to learn and decipher the phrases which the horses have learned from Billy McCoy. 

1. What’s the connection between the 5 Phrases?

These are the symptoms:

  • Sarcasm Disorder – With this disease the horse will mumble back sarcastic and sneaky comments back to you.
  • Bowel Syndrome – With this disease after your horse eats (no matter what it is) your horse will then shoot it out the other end within a couple of minutes.
  • The Hoof Plague – With this disease if the horse’s hooves are covered in green mold, from standing around in unclean sawdust. If the horses have this, then you’ve forgotten to clean out your stables?
  • Body Image Disorder – Try not to allow your horse to try on so many outfits, because if you do then your horse may become unhealthy because of it not feeling so good about itself. Try to keep your horse natural and it’ll keep beautiful naturally. 
  • Baked Beans Addiction – Try not to feed your horse to much or it’ll start to grow a Baked Beans Addiction. Do you want your horse walking around with a breeze about their bottom every day?

2. What’s the best way to cure the horse of this weirdness?

If Neja’s Vetenairy is too full, take your time and how a little look around you and see the beautiful world which surrounds us all, then try again. 50 Habbos’ will be chosen at random and they will all receive a Horse Shoe badge.

Competition ends when?

The competition ends on Monday 24th October, at 12:30pm GST  (that’s 12:30pm in London, 4:30am in Los Angeles, 7:30am in New York and Toronto, 7:30pm in Singapore and 10:30am in Sydney the next morning)

Good Luck!!

Tell us what you think on the matter, and click ‘Read More and Comment’. 

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