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By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:09 pm

This is an article certainly close to my heart. I’m a perfectionist yet a procrastinator however I’ve always wondered “what’s best?” I don’t know about you but what I’ve always thought about is how everything goes wrong. Sod’s law. Everything. We live in a world of imperfection and in a way, that’s fabulous. Imagine being in a world where you did everything right. So what’s my theories about why we aren’t perfect and what are yours? Remember, you can always leave a comment to any Habbox article or report in order to share your views.

Everything has a consequence, an effect, a corollary regardless of if it’s a change for the better in the short term or an almighty horrific one. No one knows how the world is going to plan out and unfortunately for us that’s that. What’s beyond me personally is how there are so many egotists in the world, know-it-alls. How the hell do they know-it-all? Referring back to the title of this article, this is certainly not what is best.

Similarly, shyness. I’m rather shy really. Scared, nervous, anxious I guess also. That’s not what’s best either and I’ve learned that. After all, if you’re petrified, to an extent, how far are you ever going to go? You won’t be able to mingle and you won’t be able to have a bit of excitement. It’s important to socialize, reclusion is not something to be proud of. Of course the occasional break is certainly acceptable but if we’re going to answer this question, all you nervous wrecks there unfortunately don’t answer it!

I’ll move onto something I may be slightly less proud of, ashamed I am really. It’s a bit humble but I think addiction is not what’s best. In the past I’ve been addicted to the computer, spending a lot of my time on it and it sort of integrates with the second point I made. I know people in real life who only talk about Facebook. Facebook this, Facebook that. I frankly couldn’t care less and, seeing as I don’t use Facebook anyway, it’s slightly scary, fascinating too. Some of them are adults now, surely you should be starting to make something of your life? I’m not sure, that’s my two cents but I think that out of the three things I’ve mentioned so far, this is certainly the worst of them all. Shame I didn’t ask what’s worst, eh?

My penultimate point is all to do with how our lives lead. We lead them but so does something else, I’m sure of it- fate I assume. I always have the impression we are robots and we can switch bodies. For example, one moment I might be Alex3213 and the next I can be xxMATTGxx! Peculiar, right? It’s a bit like the caped crusador, Batman, one moment himself and the next Bruce Wayne! I think it’s good to have imaginary friends in a way, maybe even just imaginary thoughts. This is one of the better ways at looking at life. All possibilities are available.

What I think is definitely the best, however, is none of the above. We all have different ways at looking at life and I wrote this article very close to my heart, like I said. Also like I said, we live in a world of imperfection and in a way, that’s fabulous. We can’t expect to be perfect. That means nothing’s best. Maybe it means you’ve wasted your time reading this article although I sincerely hope not. One thing I can say is that what’s best is to be happy with what you’ve got, not too greedy but always craving something. What do you think?

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