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What’s coming in December?2
By - Posted 1st December, 2020 at 11:36 pm Habbo

Each month Habbo releases brand new rares to the shop, and last month in particular we saw the release of many cute rare furni & rare clothing items.

In December Habbo isn’t slowing down on their content, introducing brand new rare items that will never be sold in the shop again!

         Read on to find out what’s coming…


In December we will see a number of brand new rares, as follows:

  • Rare Elven Ice Fountain
  • Rare Inuit Outfit  – Clothing item
  • Rare Dragonfly Wings – Clothing item
  • Lavish Perfume – Rare credit furni 
  • Rare Enchanted Sword
  • Golden Accessory Pack v.6 – Clothing item collection
  • 2021 Facemask Gift Box – Clothing item collection


With the rare furni you see above you will also receive a special badge for each of the rares you purchase. Below you can see the clothing items that are unlocked with the v.6 Accessory Pack:

Alongside the new rares, a brand new Limited Edition Rare (known as a LTD) will also be released next month:

  • Himalayan Yak


Not content with just the rares & LTD, Habbo will also be releasing a brand new set of crackable furni, these being Rune Rocks.

The new Rune Rocks are used with the Rock Crafter as Habbo’s latest crafting set – keep cracking them to get the colours you need for making the magical creatures that the Crafter can build!

The Rocks come in different colours once you start cracking them, below you can see the names of each rocks.

  • Blue Rune Rock
  • Green Rune Rock
  • Purple Rune Rock
  • Pink Rune Rock
  • Yellow Rune Rock


And we’re not done yet! Habbo have also be introduced an entire brand new line of seasonal furni – Enchanted Winter Forest Furni.

This brand new range sees some very cute furni and clothing arrive that we have never seen in the hotel before, some of which are very cute! The furni landed today, with the clothing to follow shortly.

See the whole range, as well as the full set of rares, on our Wiki page 🙂


As a nice little bonus the Christmas period means Xmas Advent Calendars are also making a return in this year’s festive campaign.

Xmas Advent Calendars are something you open each day up until December 25th where you can nab a nice little free furni for yourself, also you could receive credits, duckets, or even free HC/BC depending on what your luck is like! Then of course it’s time to say goodbye to 2020 at long long last…


Are you looking forward to December & the Christmas period?

Like! 7
    YellowBelli commented on 1st December, 2020

    YESSSS I really like the new hair…. Plus the gold accessory pack. I don’t think I will bother with the advent calendar though..

    Catastrophina commented on 6th December, 2020

    So the hair hasn’t been released yet?

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