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Who had the best Hair-raising Horse Habitats?!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:27 pm
Who managed to create a homely habitat for their horse? 

Habbos have been working their creativity just like Gok Wan works his fashion, and have managed to pull some outstanding habitats for the horses of Habbo! The staff really enjoyed searching through the 100’s of entries they received and after a time-consuming, challenging and stressful debate, they decided on the winning rooms. Just for an extra treat, they decided to choose 40 rooms – the most ever chosen in a room-building competition (aren’t they nice!) Here are the winning rooms and designers;

The Unicorn Factory – by E-E, Thriller and Meowlissa
Outdoor Stable – by kovsky., deegers, and CJVX
Medieval Stables and Jousting Grounds – by Banned00, Vitus (not Vintus) and Brian
Ooby’s Able Stable. – by oobylicious
x*x*Enchanted Forest Stables*x*x – by Astronomist, Moffins and L23KingJames

[For] Rancid Rick’s Ranch [For] – by Cally592, lilmizzmoonlight and .60
Waterfall Stable ♥ – by BellaBeckie, Daniel-is-Epic and Pupkus
¥ Billionaire Stables – by ZombieMoses, Hyakkan and Ms.Oneal
[>>] Habbo’s Horse Racing [>>] – by Verai
The Haunted Horse Stable – by IrishBoy-Cian, CianUK and ,BRITNEY,

Horse Mountain Stable – by Alphapaw, Musicianly and Sarafyne
¡!~JoÕ!¡ Beautiful Stables © – by Candyblock, -LuizSuarez- and Xemnas
Stables & Other Beasts aboard the Spaceship Habboark Habitat – by chidiva, flashattack. and Hawaii5.O
>> Kabayan’s Cafe >> – by candycindy01
Greek Horse Ring Stable – by cullen008 and sephiroth12

` [P] H o r s e S t a b l e s – by Palzo, L3VENDI and Optex
The Teddy Bears’ Stable – by ..::Luna::..
stable – by ,97 , Macfaydn13 and Bailed
Westwood Stables – by BoomItsAbi-x, RandomKid… and itsPASTY
stables – by Carehome, Finalz and J25T

The Rainbow Stables! – by Rainbow and Peace
xA Horse’s Wonder Landx – by Swizzled and OneCheeseBurger
Stable of Eden – by josoho, Hell and Suggestions
Horse Stables – by Revolver, Shaleeka and Baurus
Outback Ranch – by Hero

Winter Snow Stable – by ..Authentic.. and JettDylan
Saddle Ranch Farm – by Bubsie
ª The Haunted Stables ª – by Seelned, Gina=me and See
Exotic Horse Stable ™ – by Juoz
Horses Paradise – by Emzstars

ƒ; Horse VET – by Today, Kasia and Badge
[õ] Horse Stables [õ] – by ilYou, WaffleCopter and Emmaing
Stable’s Beach Retreat! – by flozzyFun, jessi802 and [email protected]
Golden Barley [BIG] – by Chubbymouse
Footprints in the sand – by Cambridge and Enlite

Haunted Forest Stables – by Frenchcutie
Stallion Stables – by Paige.
[JM] Garden of Sheranth – by Masterjaden07 and AdmiralPicard
Saddleworth Stables & Riding Club – by LionBar and Lerh
Race track and Stable – by -=BAMjr=-

So, congratulations to the winners, we’re sure that every horse will be queuing up to take a seat in your room. However, commiserations to the non-successful participants, remember that there will always be brand new room-building competitions in the future! Here’s a final joke from us, to brighten up the rest of your day;

Q: What disease do horses fear the most?
A: Hay fever! {What… we thought that was a pretty good joke}.

Have you checked out any of the winning horse rooms? Were you one of the lucky winners? Are you still impressed by the horses? Share your view now by clicking ‘Read More & Comment’!

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