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Why not visit 'Soapbox' this week?!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:28 pm
Are you ready to voice your opinion?! 

We all know that you lot love sharing your ideas with other people, especially the staff, well… Soapbox gives you the opportunity to do exactly this! There are 2 separate events each week (usually on a Wednesday and a Thursday) where you can head on down to Kitano’s ‘Soapbox’ room and present your fantastic ideas (which will benefit the Habbo community) to him.

Anyone is welcome at Soapbox (if you can get into the room) but Kitano does have a few rules;

– To present your idea, you must queue in the designated area
– If you are part of the audience, you cannot speak unless Kitano allows you to respond
– Speeches with huge amounts of swearing and speeches that are ALL ‘CAPSY’ won’t be listened to
– You need to shout if you are voicing your idea
– If you talk about your idea for a VERY long time, Kitano will ‘flick a wired switch’ and you will be teleported back to the audience

You can suggest any new and unique idea (or develop an older one even further) to Kitano; some of the ideas that were presented last week included “Bringing back a weekly newsletter” & “Creating more weekly competitions – which aren’t just room designing competitions”.

Here’s the 2 separate event times this week:

Wednesday 16th November
– 16:30 GMT/UK time
– 11:30 in New York and Toronto
– 08:30 in Los Angeles

Thursday 17th November
– 18:00 in Sydney
– 15:00 in Singapore
– 23:00 in Los Angeles on Wednesday night!

So, if you plan on attending Soapbox… get in the room early, because the room only allows a maximum of 50 people in at 1 time!

Did you attend Soapbox last week? Do you enjoy listening to other people’s ideas? Will you submit an idea this week? Share your view now by clicking ‘Read More & Comment’!

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