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Wings and Ghosts and Knives – Oh My!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:27 pm

Recently in the Habbo Client, scarier pixel effects have been added in addition to the daily scary masks!

The Pixel Shop’s ‘Special Effects’ page just got another update, but don’t worry not all of the effects were scary (thankfully)!

As we knew, the scary mask curses were showing up in the Pixel Shop every day, and for a measly 50 Pixel Points (which you can earn by earning badges, and simply by being online in the Hotel) you could look fashionably frightful.

Unfortunately the new effects are only available for VIP members, so the HC and non-VIP/HC will just have to use the daily scary mask curse. Or earn some credits, if you want to buy the effects then it would be a good idea to become a VIP member as soon as possible because we’re not sure how long they will be on the client – be sure to stock up on them!

 The new pixel effects include –

  • Butterfly Wings  
  • Fairy Wings  
  • Ghost Sheet  
  • Knife-in-Back

What do you think of the new pixel effects, are you a fan of them? Will you be stocking up on them this Halloween? Post your comments below!

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