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Winners of 'The Pura Challenge' are announced!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:25 pm

The winning rooms for ‘The Pura Challenge’ have been announced, and we can guarantee that they are “Pura Awesome”… 

For those with a good memory, you will remember that Habbo released a new selection of Pura furniture last week. Then, the staff asked you to create a super sexy room with the new furniture and ‘send it in’ to them…

Well, guess what? The winners have been revealed! There’s everything from mazes, pictures, wired constructions and anything else you can think of! If you want to visit the winner’s rooms, then simply search their name in Habbo client. Maybe you want to purchase some of the new furniture for your own room – then head straight to the catalogue! Oh, I almost forgot… it’s time to reveal the winners;

Habboland Park by Revolver Shaleeka and Baurus

Pure Pure Pura Rainbow Candy Store by chidiva and Hawaii5.O

The Blood Theatre by Candyblock Xemnas and Today

iRIP by Arrests G2P and Dress

The Great Pura Lighthouse by Astronomist Rainbow and Moffins

J.B.D. Library by ::bunnyz:: eminemfan01 and !!bioshock!!

PURA – Hot Air Balloon by carehome

Competition by insecure Interter and spawns

Train of colours by karlos01.. Plutonioo and Sick.Boy.Wow

Jack Skellington by Melonaid

[Pura] Nyan Cat by Plebings Normies and Flagmingo

Pura Carousel by ZombieMoses Hyakkan and Ms.Oneal

[P] Giant Pura Piano by Palzo Colaborate and L3VENDI

The pura challenge by ,97 DayLove and Macfaydn13

Mario & Luigi by Seelneb, See and frenchkiss16!

The green monster pura challenge! by oobylicious Hollywood and Erotic

The board game by Heatfrost and Mikhail305

[Pura] Mudkip by Emilburp# Bradin and Statuette

Pura Concert Room by bella0120 and SatayChicken

Yoshi Love Pixel Art By Parlin – by Parlin and Suitehearts.

Pura Piano by Sasha,-x

Pura Challenge by Amaninatux1 and Drew

Pura Challenge – Spooky! by deegers and kovsky.

Pura Music by Musicianly Alphapaw and Sarafyne

The new Pura items were released last week, with a choice of new lamps, new seats and building blocks – there was a huge selection of rooms you could possibly create and the above winners manage to work their magic and create a unique range of rooms for all to enjoy! Commiserations to those who didn’t win the challenge, maybe you could try and enter the next competition?

Remember, look on the Pura side of life! (Oh, ‘Pura’ = ‘Pure-r’, hah.)

Have you purchased any of the new Pura items yet? Have you even checked out the winning rooms? Which furniture range would you like to see updated next? Share your view by clicking ‘Read More & Comment’.

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