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The World: A Cruel Place0
By - Posted 10th December, 2015 at 12:15 am The Real World

There is something bothering me and it has gone through my mind for a couple of weeks now – that is how the world changed lately. Look at all the wars and terrorist attacks out there and all these innocent people dying for no reason. That just makes me sad. In this post I will tell you some terrible events that has happened that bothers me and how you can help to make the world a better place.

Firstly, I think of the wars that are in Iraq and Syria. Imagine all the people dying there. The wars occurred thanks to IS (a group of jihadists who kills and kidnaps people). The IS are ruining many people’s lives and they don’t even care. Many people started fleeing the wars and most of them came to Europe. I still remember the incident when the 3-year old Syrian boy named Aylan Kurdi washed up dead on a beach in Turkey. All this little boy ever wanted was to live a normal life like all the other young boys his age, but instead he died. It just broke my heart when I saw the picture of him when he washed up on the shore. He never had the chance to live a normal and happy life. It also breaks my heart to hear that thousands of people just like this boy died in hope of getting a better life.

The next event is the Paris attack that occurred on the 13th November on a Friday evening. Terrorists came and set off gunshots and bombs at completely random people! How sad is that? It wasn’t just one attack, but it was several, one after another in a concert, stadium, bars and restaurants. All these people were only trying to enjoy their Friday night. They didn’t know that it will cost their lives. This event sadly affected everyone. For example, on one day I was at school and all students were writing an essay. Suddenly, we all heard bangings coming from above us. The first thing someone yelled was, “The terrorists are here to get us!” Woah. Just woah. I am shocked that if we hear some bangings, the first thing that struck through our minds is that we are being attacked by terrorists. Since when did the world think like this? At last, it turned out that the class above us were moving their desks to rearrange the design for the classroom.

The next event occurred a few days ago, when a man stabbed three people at the Leytonstone station in London. People were just waiting for the train to arrive, so they can board the train and go back home after a long day of work, but suddenly a man just came and stabbed three people. Luckily, no one died. One of them had a major injury, but the two others had only minor injuries. Don’t we all see how the world has changed? It is very sad to know that one day I’ll have children and my children will grow up in such a cruel world. Let’s all make the world a better place for all the children, so they can have a nice childhood and no innocent person shall ever die again because of war or terrorist attacks.

Let’s all fight IS and make the world a better place!

Meanwhile, there are a lot of people suffering from lack of food, clean water and medications/treatment. If anyone wants to help the people, you can all donate to, for example, UNCHR, Save the Children or UNICEF, but I know there are loads of other organisations that would appreciate it if people can donate money or clothes to people in need!

Thank you all for reading this article!
This is my first article by the way and I hope you found it fascinating!

Let me know what your thoughts are about this post and about the general situation in the comments!

Love, Julie

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