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WTF is up with my horse!?0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:25 pm

Have you had any problems with your Horse? If so, have you taken it to the vet yet?

Habbo has recently had a few manure problems, of the horses leaving piles and piles of manure all over the room. Another problem with the horses at the moment is that the horses seem to be mouthing back to the owners; this is just one of the symptoms.  

With these problems habbo have made a Horse Hotel where you are able to speak with

  • Dr ValerieMD veterinary science. 
  • Phil, pharmacy geniusI’ll give your horse the meds it needs
These 2 vets will support you if you need help with your horses. They have the right equipment to put your horse back in shape, and keep it healthy. Once you have spoken with Habbo’s Medical Specialists you are able to visit the other rooms which are available through the door teleports which are easily found in the hospital rooms.

Going through the teleport from the Horse Veterinary Hospital will take you to the Hospital Back Room which will ask you if you would like to take part in the Habbo Horse Poll. 

If you wonder if your horse has any symptoms of the disease, the following are the symptoms:

  • Sarcasm Disorder – With this disease the horse will mumble back sarcastic and sneaky comments back to you. 
  • Bowel Syndrome – With this disease after your horse eats (no matter what it is) your horse will then shoot it out the other end within a couple of minutes. 
  • The Hoof Plague – With this disease if the horse’s hooves are covered in green mold, from standing around in unclean sawdust. If the horse has this, then you forgot to clean out your stable?
  • Body Image Disorder – Try not to allow your horse to try on so many outfits, because if you do then your horse may become unhealthy because of it not feeling so good about itself. Try to keep your horse natural and it’ll keep beautiful naturally.
  • Baked Beans Addiction – Try not to feed your horse to much or it’ll start to grow a Baked Beans Addiction. Do you want your horse walking around with a breeze about their bottom every day? 
You’re not the only one with horse problems:
Even the Habbo staff are having problems with their horses Kitano’s Horse has got the Cambodian salsa fever, and poor Derpy hooves has uncovered a rash and Neja doesn’t know what to do about it.

Do you have what it takes?

50 Random Habbo’s which answer the poll correctly will receive a badge but only for the Equine Health Experts. It gets Better, Out of the 50, 10 of the best 

answers will Horse themselves a Health-Related furnipack. Be careful with your answers, the well being off your horses are at stake!!

The poll will be open until Friday 21st October at 4:30pm GMT (4:30pm in London – 8:30am in Los Angeles, 11:30am in New York and Toronto, 11:30pm in Singapore and 2:30am in Sydney the next morning.)

Good Luck!!

Do you recon you’ve got what it takes for you to win the badge? Are you one of the people that take care of their horses? Let us know by posting your comment by clicking on ‘Read More & Comment’. 

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