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WTF(riday): Staff Talk Romance!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:32 pm

Well, another Friday passed and another chance to expose some secrets about the hotel staff that you never knew before. Every Friday, as always, the hotel staff answer your question and this week seeing as it is approaching closer to Valentine’s, they decided to put a cupids arrow through the interview paper and get down and romantic! 

Some things that we established in this week’s WTF(riday) is that Kitano is as useless as ever and can’t cook, whilst Puffin and Neja wouldn’t risk it and cook something simple, yet something they know how to cook and cooked before. Kitano continues to fail in the romance corner as he thinks the most romantic thing he’s done for Valentines is be polite to his girlfriend’s parents, whilst Neja gave her boyfriend some Invader Zim stuff, which no one knows what the hell it is and what the hell she’s talking about and Puffin after peeing her pants (very romantic!) wrote a poem when she was 13 and gave it to her crush, aww how sweet and she clearly wins this round! Mr.CharmingCatz posed the question about favorite flowers and in typical fashion Kitano went into a blanked frenzy and had “no idea”. Puffin feels the love with the Starflower Lilies, whilst Neja prefers Twilight Jasmine’s and Heartblossoms. Jarrhey poised the question about advice for being single on Valentines Day. Kitano in true style suggested calling an old girlfriend up and moaning at 3 am in the morning (but then again for Kitano this is probably a normal Tuesday), Puffin gave the most boring answer of saying it’s another normal Tuesday and Neja wins this round by saying get together a few single friends and throw a party (which is what I did last year and had a few too many tequila shots!) On rudenceDon:’s question about deserts, Kitano showed that his IQ level fell significantly during the interview by thinking pancake was a desert, Puffin loves her Molten Chocolate Cake, whilst Neja poised a similar answer stating chocolate cake.

So what have we learnt in this week’s interview? Well, Kitano is as useless as a rock, Neja seemed to have strange views and Puffin won this week with her answers being the most romantic! Was this a competition? No, but this news reporter has made it one. Next week’s WTF(riday) is still on the topic of Valentine’s day and you can submit your questions by clicking here – where you will also find the full interview. The poll closes on Friday February 10 at 12:00 GMT. Click ‘read more’ to give us your comments!

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