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WTFriday?! Week 46!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:28 pm
Get ready to find out this week’s questions and answers! 

We all know that you jump at any chance you get to chat with/ask questions to the staff, so WTFriday? is the perfect opportunity for you to do this! Each week, people send in their questions for either Kitano, Neja, Puffin or all 3 managers and the staff will pick the most intriguing questions and answer them. This week, a bunch of interesting questions have been answered and we will reveal the answers to you right now…

Oh wait! If your question gets picked, you will receive a prize. The prize changes every week to keep people interested in the competition, and this week each winning person received a ‘Studio Camera. Now, onto the answers…

Questions for all 3 hotel managers:

Are you scared of anything and why? (Asked by :Rebecca.)
Kitano: When I was young I was scared of ear wigs because my grandmother told me they went into your ear and attacked your brain. “Just like television and that damned rap music!” 
Puffin: This is going to sound very existential, but sometimes I worry about how tiny we are in this big, ol’ universe. How one meteor can just take us all out! I also worry about bees. (I probably worry more about bees.) 
Neja: Yes, I’m soooooo freaked out by stones and other large objects, if I see them underwater! Taking the boat somewhere and being the one who jumps to land with the rope from the boat is horrifying!

If you could be famous, what would you be famous for? (i.e. singer, actor, streaking, etc.) (Asked by .-Omgz)
Kitano: I would like to be a world famous writer of cheap sci-fi novels. 
Puffin: If anything, I’d love to catch my fame as an author. A really, really good one! 
Neja: Ooh I’d love to be a professional snowboarder! Preferably one who never falls down and hurts herself… I have some painful memories of falling down butt first on ice, when snowboarding.

Do any of you have a creative talent? Like ability to play an instrument? (Asked by JamesBOB,xo)
Kitano: Writing probably. Although many would disagree, especially those publishers who refuse to publish my ten book epic “Confessions Of A Sassy Slumlord”. Also I can count to ten backwards! 
Puffin: Nope! I do have a good ear for pitch, though.. it just doesn’t come in handy ever! Well, except maybe when I watch the painful auditions at X Factor or Idol, I’d be able to say; “that person is off key!” As if it mattered  
Neja: I’m tone deaf, blind to reading note sheets, rhythmically a mess…but it doesn’t stop me from singing Singstar-games and faking my way to the top scores! (Sorry neighbors!)

Questions for Kitano only:

Who is your favorite YouTube-artist? If you don’t have one, what is your favorite YouTube video? (Asked by HabboVidsable)
The Dear Sister parody from SNL.  

What would you choose, Coke or Pepsi, and why? (Asked by koolio-m4tt)
Pepsi, it’s sweeter, and the logo reminds me of the yin yang sign, and the blue is more smoother. I still remember the Cola Wars, so many people… gone, in the opening of a can… Those were dark days.

You become a monster: what monster do you want to be? (Asked by Unexplored)
Puffin. She’s so scary.

Questions for Puffin only:

Why is your car named Barf? (Asked by =Tori)
The beginning of the license plate sort of resembles “Barf” (although it’s not actually those four letters), and we like it. Barf is a beloved member of our family

If you came across a genie, what 3 wishes would you wish for? (Asked by -Mysterious)
1. I’d wish for endless wishes. 
2. I’d wish for peace on earth 
3. I’d wish for my head ache to go away.. 
.. and then I’d start working on all my endless wishes from there on!

What kind of shoes do you prefer: high heels, sandals or sneakers? (Asked by rubick)
Well, I PREFER sneakers or sandals (because that would mean that it’s hot out), but wearing heels always gives me confidence and makes me walk taller (literally) and with a purpose (until my feet hurt so much I am more crawling along the ground.. then I don’t feel so confident anymore

Questions for Neja only:

Have you ever managed to complete a game of monopoly? How? (Asked by iChaosTheory)
I don’t like monopoly at all! One gaming evening we had with some friends, I fell asleep mid-game. They still put the dice in my hand, shook my hand and made me throw the dice…and then they moved my avatar. I didn’t even lose the game, although I was asleep for the most part of it!

Do you listen to Korean pop? If you do, what are your favorite bands? (Asked by Legends97)
Not much, but a little, I prefer J-Pop, Ayumi Hamasaki and Utada Hikaru are my faves. And Kalafina. I like Girl’s Generation though! ^_^

We’re all aware you adore gaming, but do you ever have one of those really really girly days? (Asked by Phreq

I do, those days do include gaming though! Usually it’s a lazy saturday, sitting at my computer playing World of Warfract, polishing my nails, eating chocolate cookies with a huge latte and watching Grey’s Anatomy. Love the show… Mmmm, McDreamy!

It seems like there were a fairly exciting selection of questions this week and we’re sure that you’re all eager for next week’s answers! If you’d like to enter a question for next week’s WTFriday? go to, scroll down and enter your question in the poll.

Did you submit a question for WTFriday? this week? Do you plan on submitting one for next week? Share your view now by posting it below!

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