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The X Factor Returns!1
By - Posted 4th September, 2016 at 9:10 pm Entertainment

Each week, we’ll be bringing you the latest from the X Factor! We’ll be discussing the latest antics of this year’s pop star wannabes, what the judging panel are up to and giving some constructive criticism on the act’s performances (well, we’ll be trying at least)! Keep up to date with all the X Factor happenings only here at!

One of Britain’s favourite talent shows has made it back onto our screens, The X Factor kicked off its thirteenth series on Saturday 27th August! This year, we have been promised bigger and better as Simon Cowell returns with a brand old new judging panel!

Each week, I’ll be bringing you a round-up, along with some commentary on the talented and, in some cases, talentless hopefuls as they begin the fight to be crowned this year’s champion!

So, what’s changed? Well, firstly, the dancing Dermot O’Leary returns from his “holiday” (such a lovely way refer to re-appointment after being dismissed!) following the exit of one-hit wonders Olly Murs and Caroline Flack who stepped into his shoes last year. Nick Grimshaw, Rita Ora and Cheryl have all vacated their seats and Simon is joined this year by Nicole Scherzinger and X Factor veterans Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh! Already, the chemistry between on panel is starting to show. Many have reported that the show already feels far more light-hearted and “back to what it used to be” – however, time will tell!

Although the live arena auditions have been scrapped in favour for the more intimate room auditions in front of the judges, one thing that still remains is the good old X Factor sob story… and already there have been quite a few!

So, we’ve got two weeks’ worth of highlights to look at, without any further ado… it’s time… to face… THE MUSIC!!

You may remember five young gentlemen audition as solo artists all the way back in 2010. Yes, that’s right… One Direction! Since the show, the five turned foursome have had great success. The X Factor are yet to find another boy band who’ve had that amount of success – could Yes Lad be the answer? Five boys from Manchester who go by the name of Yes Lad (a little cringe!) who perform in each other’s bedrooms entered the judging room and performed their rendition of ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’ by Justin Timberlake. I think with some practice and the right guidance (ahem… Louis Walsh) they must just do it. The judges were impressed with their performance and I’m sure there are thousands of young girls around the country who went into fan-girl meltdown!

Another hot audition from week one was that of Samantha Lavery! Samantha came on the X Factor to follow in her grandfather’s footsteps who she stated was a singer but was forced to give up the microphone as a result of family commitments. Samantha performed Ellie Goulding’s ‘Explosion’ and most definitely proved she is one to watch!

Rachel Hooke entered the room and performed ‘All About That Bass’ in front of the panel who would have most definitely felt awkward as they watched her two step which accompanied her performance. Things took a turn for the worse when she continued singing after the backing track had ended! Rachel is an ‘Advanced Driver’ and is committed to abiding by the Highway Code. I think it’s safe to say that you definitely belong on the roads and not the stage, Rachel!

The audition that I think completely stole the hearts of the nation was by Christian Burrows who performed his own song, tribute to his brother who sadly passed away, and it was pure perfection. Christian stated that his inspiration came from Ed Sheeran and after performing the classic ‘Country Roads’ went on to perform the tribute that he has only ever shared with his mother. The lyrics cannot be described as anything other than beautiful and the emotion that could be heard in his voice was second to none. Simon Cowell summed it up pretty well, he said it was simply “real”. It was an audition that would’ve ensured there wasn’t a dry eye left in the room! I feel that many would be shocked if Christopher doesn’t go on to make it far in the competition.

Really raising the bar this year is Caitlyn Vanbeck, who shared the story of her schooling experience in which she was bullied but was inspired to continue working on her talent by her dad. Caitlyn performed Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Piece by Piece’ and left me absolutely breathless. She sang which such sincerity and by the time she was about to end the sound her emotions got the better of her but she soldiered through. Talent like this often leaves me breathless because it’s often people like Caitlyn who really do deserve a chance to shine. Go on Caitlyn, you show those bullies what you’re made of!!

That brings me nicely onto this year’s answer to drama… Bradley and Ottavio… two friends who were due to audition together but decided to go ahead as solo artists due to an horrific crime committed by Bradley. He served UNCOOKED chicken to Ottavio, I mean how could he!? Shock horror, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of someone doing something so despicable to a friend! Yeah… shall we just get onto their performances? Bradley entered the judges room and referred to the panel as the royal family of the X Factor. Simon obviously was crowned King, Sharon his queen, Nicole was given the title of Princess and Louis had to settle for Jester… what a cheek! Louis should have at least been given honorary Queen Mother status, in my opinion! Ottavio, who gets inspiration for his outfits from toys, “treated” us to a performance of ‘Get Lucky’ which Nicole instantly referred to as “slow” and Simon as “boring”. I mean, hats off to Ottavio, he had a decent voice! Ottavio then went on to explain chicken-gate to the judges and became overwhelmingly emotional.

Bradley was then summoned to the room by the judges and Simon asked to hear his side of the story. Bradley explained that he didn’t intend to give Ottavio uncooked chicken and provided us with the excuse of “not leaving it long enough because he was hungry”… Holy Habbox, I don’t think I can cope!! Bradley then performed R. Kelly’s ‘Ignition’ and again, had an average voice which with a bit of work could most definitely develop! Simon then stated that he didn’t believe the two acts should go through as solo artists and Bradley went on to admit that he was missing having someone beside him. The boys were then invited to return back to the audition room later on in the day, together. The time came for the duo to show us what they could do together and they belted out their rendition of the Pussycat Doll’s ‘Buttons’. The two most definitely seemed more comfortable performing together, however, I’m not quite sure how well their voices work together. The boys received three yeses (you can guess who said no!) and I’m sure that there will be plenty of drama to follow. Step aside Rylan!

Lets end this week with Bromley boy Matt Terry. Dubbed as a Louis Tomlinson lookalike, Matt entered the room and stood on the X before the judges. Matt gave a sound performance of ‘Stand By Me’ by Ben E. King and absolutely smashed it! He definitely had presence and a lot of charisma and has the potential to be this season’s cheeky chappy!

That bring’s me onto this weeks performance of the week… I don’t feel as though I have any words to describe this performance, so I shall leave you with a video… Until next week Habboxers – work it!!


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