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XMAS Furni is Here0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:45 pm

Two days ago Habbo added more furni to the .COM hotel, some of which was then released under the category, XMAS Castles. There was a total of 15 furni added to it, with some to still be released.

The Castle furni is mainly plain and dull although it fits the brief perfectly due to it looking like an old-fashioned castle. The range did have a few items which displayed different shades and colours as opposed to greys and browns. The most noticeable item would be the Christmas Ham colour wise. The most expensive items are the green, grey and beige castle arches pricing at 10c each.

The unreleased furni includes a Santa Throne, The Nutcracker and xmas12_npole name. These items are much more Christmas like and colourful. Members of HabboxForum also agreed that the unreleased furni is more interesting and fun than the Castle furni.

After the news of new furni was posted onto HabboxForum a number of members posted their opinions. Here are some we would like to share with you:

Samanfa: “Not bad, I like the flooring regardless of the recolour and think it looks better like that. Also, I love the Christmas Ham, looks funny.”
J25T: “I really like the Castle Floor and Ice Pole.”
Pigperson: “The new furni doesn’t look too bad but personally I think the furni are for specific rooms only.”
.Cymru.: “I actually really like them.”

Remember that you can tell us your thoughts by clicking ‘Read More & Comment’ and then posting there.

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