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Young Fun0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:10 pm

Believe it or not I was once a child, I know I’m growing up but the memories always stay with you, it’s like an event that you will remember no matter what – it’s sentimental.

I remember a practical joke I played once, not meaning to cause any harm and not knowing how amazing my aim was, let’s just say ‘the pools man’ got a nasty surprise and he wasn’t happy.

I was about seven years old, the family had not long since moved out from next door and there was a whole load of rubbish on the garden, all their old things, some good things, some bad. I was there with my friend, ‘the pools man’ had just gone into our house to give my Mum her pools etc, then I saw it. A slingshot, as you do I picked it up, the pools man walked past and began going over to his car. I found a piece of chalk on the floor too and so I placed it carefully in the slingshot. I took aim, I fired, *CLANG* straight onto ‘the pools man’s’ window.

I ducked behind the wall, he screamed:

As I said earlier I was with my friend and she went “I don’t know”
Timidly, still behind the wall I said it wasn’t me!

I still laugh at that story now even though it happened almost a decade ago!

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