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You’re Fired4
By - Posted 28th November, 2015 at 1:51 am The Real World

‘You’re Fired’. Despite hating where I worked and also joking about getting fired, hearing those two words (well, sort of those two words but worded differently) actually

pretty much broke me.


Sadly, this article isn’t about The Apprentice but instead, about me getting fired.

I’ve posted an article or two about working in retail and it’s something that I’ve always spoken about but never in a good light. I hated it, like actually hated it. Most customers were horrible, most managers were horrible and I always said ‘the only way out is getting fired’. I won’t lie, I did something bad and have been doing something bad (not the only one but still doesn’t excuse it) and well, I got caught out. They have been investigating into something that they thought Alysha was doing since September but sadly for me and lucky for her, they actually figured out it was me doing it. So yes, I sound terrible and I completely agree, being fired for gross misconduct is horrendous and I’m so upset but actually not ashamed.

I’ll take you all back to Saturday. I worked for one hour before being taken off a till and told ‘we need to have a talk’. I knew straight away why but didn’t think this would be the outcome. During this talk, I was told at first that they were investigating Alysha but that soon turned around to them telling me they have CCTV of me taking a coupon from a bin. I straight away admitted to it, not only because they have proof, but I didn’t want to lie to them. I was told I was suspended and banned from the shop until the Tuesday when I had my disciplinary hearing. For me, that was the end. I knew I had no chance in hell of coming back from this, I was fired. I got home to discover despite not having any proof, Alysha was also suspended and waiting for a disciplinary hearing on Monday.

From Saturday to Tuesday I couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t sit still, couldn’t get my mind off of it. I hated working there, my parents were happy I was being fired so why was I still like this? Monday came and Alysha had her meeting. After it she was convinced she was gone because of the way they treated her. Then Tuesday came. I cried every time someone spoke to me. I sat in a room then got told to move because of interviews. I was asked ‘are you here for the interview?’ by an external interviewer and I cried in her face.

My hearing went alright, but I knew I was getting fired, I was just there to save Alysha really. I cried from the moment I sat down then as soon as I went back in and they said ‘today we will have to terminate your contract’, I stopped. It was like I was subconsciously putting on this act to try and save our jobs. They tried to make light of the situation by asking ‘when did you stretch your lobe?’ and that stupid question I always get asked ‘does it hurt?’ to which the answers are three years ago and no.

I walked out unemployed. Something stupid lost me my job and now I have that ‘gross misconduct’ cloud everywhere I go. I might even drop three years of work off my CV. I sit here today knowing that I can go home for Christmas, I can go home for people’s birthday but why am I still so sad?  I’m missing the atmosphere, I’m missing some customers so much, I’m missing some colleagues, but I’m not missing the restriction and stress. I have been working there for years, practically all of my student life and now I’m doing my masters without a job. What do people do without a job? What do people do on the weekend?


Really, I had no idea where I was going with this article, I just want to say that honestly guys, don’t be stupid if you actually like your job. I was stupid and now I’m unemployed. I miss working there and now and again I get a lump in my throat but I should be happy! Everyone is happy that I don’t have to work in that hell again.

Comment below and tell me what on Earth people do on weekends if they don’t have to work because I seriously have no idea. Do I have to take up a hobby?


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    Baabycakezz commented on 28th November, 2015

    It’s not about whether other people are happy or not that you aren’t working there it’s about how you feel! Your job and your life. Hope you’re okay!

    xxMATTGxx commented on 28th November, 2015

    Don’t steal vouchers then and you wouldn’t have got fired then silly!

    David commented on 28th November, 2015

    should have went to the interview

    welshcake commented on 28th November, 2015

    The boy who was there for the interview was like right next to me. The interviews are exactly they same as they were when I got interviewed. They do this thing where you pick a card and on the card there is a food item and you have to then ‘sell’ the item to the interviewer. I’m sure I would have aced it the second time. AND that boy was not dressed for an interview. Well, what I could see of him because I was mega crying at that point.
    Ah well, all over now. I think I might take up candle making.

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