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Official Rooms

The set of Habbox Official Rooms are based on Habbo.com and support Habbox in some way. Not only is it beneficial to us, but the owners also work closely with us to ensure their room is promoted on our sites too – this can include the Wiki, radio and forum.

In return for the advertisement they receive, they are also expected to advertise us too and it’s up to the owners which way they go about this. Over time we’ve seen advertisement by Stickies, Wired and even Bots to ensure the word gets out!


Habbox Hallway – owned by Absently


The Habbox Hallway is owned by Absently and is the a link to all of the Official Rooms we have here at Habbox. Not only is it a main link to the rooms, but it’s a nice place to sit and chat to your friends too. If you want a place to hangout, or want to check out all of the Official Rooms, just search Absently on the client.


Habbox Help Desk – owned by Absently


The Habbox Help Desk is the perfect place to go for any help that you may need, or to just simply hang out! The Help Desk is managed by a fantastic team of hardworking staff that will try their best to help you. If you need some help or would like to hangout, just search Absently on the client.


Ultra Rare Trade – owned by DJ_Shadow


The Ultra Rare Trade consists of a wide range of rare and unique furni, that you may not be able to find anywhere else on Habbo! The Ultra Rare Trade is contributed to by many habbo’s around the hotel and if you are interested in seeing these spectacular ranges or simply would like to trade, you should get yourself down there. To find the Ultra Rare Trade, search DJ_Shadow on the Client.



The JK Maze – owned by Meanies and Absently


If you enjoy playing games that involve using many different sets of skills – then this is the place for you! The maze was first released in September 2011 and is still going strong, with many additions constantly being added. There is more than a total of 40 rooms to challenge you and to get your brain ticking. If this grabs your interest, search Meanies on the Client.


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