Festival competitions!

Festival competitions!

Be on the look out for Habboxbury themed competitions and birthday fun across the site!

Festival competitions!
Habboxbury has landed!

Habboxbury has landed!

It's our 17th birthday! Check out all the treats we've got for you and win HUNDREDS of credits!

Habboxbury has landed!
Party on, Garth!

Party on, Garth!

Our birthday badge event is coming... In the meantime, get to the stage and party with us!

Party on, Garth!
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AFK Seats (Ice Patch)

afk seats

Want users to stop leaving your room after being idle for too long? Or maybe you want to go idle in your room and earn Achievements at the same time? This guide will show you how to do both!

You will need…

Ice Patch (unlimited)
Stack Tile 2×2 (x1)
Ice Tag Pole (unlimited)

Step 1: Place the Ice PatchPlace the Ice Patch on the floor. Make sure you don’t place it on top of any other floor patches.

Step 2:  Place the Ice Tag PolesPlace multiple Ice Tag Poles on the same spot using a Stack Tile. You can place them on the floor, or high-stacked in the air. As long as they’re all in the same spot, it doesn’t matter.


Step 3: Cover it upUsing a Stack Tile, place floor patches over the Ice Patches. Now you’re done! As long as users are stood on top of the Ice Patches, they don’t get kicked for being idle.


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