The Habbox Easter Eggstravaganza!

The Habbox Easter Eggstravaganza!

Our 2020 Eggstravaganza is here! Click here to find out more about our event, the prizes on offer and how to join a team...

The Habbox Easter Eggstravaganza!
Forum shop!

Forum shop!

Get your Easter themed icons and VIP on the forum from our token shop! Click here to check it out.

Forum shop!
HxEE Hub!

HxEE Hub!

Each day we'll have new tasks on Habbo for you to complete for bonus eggs! Check them out from the Hub room :)

HxEE Hub!
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Latest Badges

Hatched 20 Fairytale Creatures
Hatched 2 Fairytale Creatures
Hatched 4 Fairytale Creatures
Hatched 6 Fairytale Creatures
Hatched 8 Fairytale Creatures
Hatched 10 Fairytale Creatures
Hatched 12 Fairytale Creatures
Hatched 14 Fairytale Creatures
Hatched 16 Fairytale Creatures
Hatched 18 Fairytale Creatures
Australia Day 2019
Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.
It must be written in the stars.
All’s fairy in love and war with HabboRPG
Lounging with the Ambassadors in 2019
13 Furnis Competition Winner!
Happy New Year from HFFM!
New Years Resolutions with HabboQuests!
Too Quick!
Rare Two-Tone Curls
Rare Bonnie Blonde Mobile
You voted in the Basement Band Community Challenge
Instrument Trend Spotter
You voted in the Basement Band Community Challenge
I helped mend broken hearts with HBC!
Chaos is a ladder.
Chinese New Year 2019 with HabboQuests!
That popcorn butter be crispy HabboBites!
I'm a Noobie girl, in a Habbox woooorld! ——
I can see you!
I got caked at HabboBites 3rd Birthday!
ª Bobba ª With Habbox
Æ’ Love Æ’ From Habbox
Feeling the love with HFFM!
Ambassador Safer Internet Day Conference 2019
That was an eggciting date!
I appeachiate you!
Habbobites is my hooman slave
Romantic Restaurant Bundle
Village Fair Bundle
Wedding Ceremony Bundle
Wedding Banquet Bundle
RARE Romantic Messy Bun
RARE Romantic Bathtub
RARE Romantic Curly Hair
RARE Romantic Sofa
RARE Romantic Waistcoat
RARE Romantic Record Player
RARE Frilled Skirt
RARE Puppy Present
Romantic MEGA Deal
Together for a better internet
SID 2019 Safety Quiz
You made internet a better place
Looking for Mr. or Mrs. right
Looking for a new friend
Looking for an equal game buddy
For completing a successful date
For dissing your date
Walking in the air with HabboQuests!
Stuffing stockings with HabboQuests!
The Magic of Christmas with Habbox
Sleighing with Rudolph and HabboRPG!
Season for gifting with HFFM!
Christmas feasting with HabboBites!
The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.
Ho ho ho Merry Christmas!
I was there! New Year 2019
2018 Christmas Outfit Giveaway
Don't have a meltdown, chill out
Have a nut-cracking Christmas!
You Starred in The Reindeer Games!
ihoggy Champion
I saved Santa with HFFM!
Christmas Safety Event
You helped Pine and Santa during Christmas 2018!
Come back, Rudolph!
Ambassador Christmas 2018
I made it back in time for the Queens Speech with Habbox!
Visited Santa's Grotto 2018
Christmas on .com with kalesalad!
Brrrr, you helped keep the fox warm!
I kept the lights down low for the fox with Habbox
Not a single free room at HabboCreate’s hotel!
eace, love and sleep with HFFM!
Safe and sound with HabboQuests!
Sleeping with eyes open with HabboBites.
Secret Badge 01/10 - Cinderella
Secret Badge 02/10 - Don Quixote
Secret Badge 03/10 - The Sleeping Beauty
Secret Badge 04/10 - A Midsummer Night's Dream
Secret Badge 05/10 - The Rite of Spring
Secret Badge 06/10 - La Bayadère
Secret Badge 07/10 - Giselle
Secret Badge 08/10 - The Nutcracker
Secret Badge 09/10 - Romeo and Juliet
Secret Badge 10/10 - Swan Lake
Your Roleplay adventure begins!